Monday, September 21, 2009

with Fidelis, Leon and Nadia.

Isaac was supposed to come but he didn't!
I wasn't suppose to go at first but went in the end cos i was free! Haha.

Leon was especially lame that day! Fidelis kept giving the "bui tahan" face. Lol, when they suggested triple dates, i exclaimed that we girls will be shivering in coldness cos SX is also very lame. Imagine Leon and SX in a room together, i think i'll faint of double lameness. Lol.

But then he's funny lar, kept us laughing the whole meal.

One thing i hate about eating japanese food is that i'll have too many pics to upload!

Teriyaki Chicken.

Soup. Not nice.

Salmon Skin sushi. Got funny taste.

Salmon & Lobster Handroll. Got wasabi inside.

Tori Karaage. I like.

Udon. My favourite of the day. Heh.

Fried Tofu. Worst i ever ate. Even sakae sushi also better.

Crabmeat. Me no eat.


Bacon with mushrooms. Me like bacon, but dislike this kind of mushrooms.

Softshell crab handroll.


I forgot what this noodle is called.

I dont know why, but i had not much appetite that day. What a waste!

Nadia left us after the meal while the three of us walked to heeren to buy cd, then to paragon to get my pay, then to luckyplaza to the bank for a bounced cheque, and then to fareast! The weather that day was so hot i think we almost melted!

Fidelis went over to Milly's for her eyelash extensions. I left soon after to accompany SX for his breaktime :)

SX wrote a card for me yesterday ^^ Inside was filled with words of how he felt whenever i do tiny sweeet things for him. What's so surprising was that he remembered all the exact dates, of when we first held hands, when i first smsed him, when he first gave me morning calls, etc etc. I didn't even remember the dates lor! Haha.

Something about handwritten letters make me go all soft. Hee.

A couple of weeks back i made heartshaped sandwiches for him as a breakfast surprise. Even before i could unveil the lunchbox, he shoved his own lunchbox to me. Inside was a sandwich which contained egg, cheese and 2 hotdogs that he fried himself. Haha. Both of us thought of the same surprise at the same time. Lol.

In the letter he mentioned something like " I am very touch when you make the heart sandwich for me, even though it is not very nice but when i eat it i can feel ..."  TAMADE! Say my sandwich not nice!!!!!!


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