Thursday, March 2, 2017

Today at ROM!

Around two months ago, we filed our notice of marriage and today, we went to Registry of Marriage for statutory declarations and to collect our marriage certificate in advance of our wedding three days later! As we are doing our solemnization outside of ROM, it was a fuss-free process. We were there early so we had lunch first, then went to take our queue number. The estimated waiting time was only 5 minutes and the whole process at the counter was only around 10 minutes?

Took many photos on this special day!

We also signed up for a marriage preparation programme at the ROM, which was scheduled after our appointment.

It was a simple 2 hours session together with a few other couples. I have always wanted to attend something like this to learn more about ourselves but most programmes out there are more suited for couples from certain religion beliefs. This one was very neutral and focused on communication between couples and helped to identify some of the areas both of us can improve on. I didn't agree with some of the methods suggested, but overall I think it was quite helpful!

We were served some food but all carbs :'(
I couldn't resist though, and took a small bite of the potato wedges. Alas, it was so yummy that I ended up eating quite a number of them. Diet fail max! Aiyo, must be I too long no eat all these already!

Wore this pretty white dress from Keepsake!

Can't wait to start on forever with this man!

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