Sunday, December 25, 2016

Suddenly Seventeen

Few days back, we filed our notice of marriage while having dinner in a Hong Kong cafe!

Less than three months to the wedding but it still feels so far away.

Watched "Suddenly Seventeen" after that and the lead actress Nini is SO PRETTY in the movie! Totally fell in love with her. I feel that she looks like a mix between Shu Qi and Rebecca Lim.

Best thing about the movie is that Wang Da Lu is in it too. Hehe.

Good looks aside, I really like this movie! Helps that the cinematography is so beautiful too.

Enjoyed the storyline very much. Reminds me of how beautiful youth is. Really miss being young and carefree, being fearless in chasing after what we love.

And that's why I love movies. It lets me immerse myself in another world and experience magical moments all over again ❤️

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