Monday, December 19, 2016

New Makeup

Parcels resulting from my Black Friday/ Cyber Monday craze came last week and I had a great time unwrapping gifts from myself! Hehe. So happy!!! Here to share my joy with photos!

The best box was my Tarte purchases! I'm crazy over Tarte these days.

My much-awaited swamp queen!! I don't like the cover though.... not my style. But inside is beautiful.

The shades are soooooo pretty. It was more shimmery than expected but luckily it wasn't too much when applied. I love how there's a brush space in there. Very convenient! I really hate how most palettes doesn't come with brushes and it's so troublesome! Still, I realized that I needed an extra bigger brush for contours and highlights because this brush is way too small for that. Actually, it's a little too big for the shadows too. But it's okay I still love this set very very very much!

The colours are very solid and dense, the way I like my eyeshadow to be!

The highlight is nice too, but the blush might be too dark for me. Overall, a good buy!

Oh ya. It smells like chocolate. Hehe.

And the thing I'm most happy about is this! Tarte drench lipstick in "Beach Bum".

It's the perfect shade that I've been looking for!!!! I'm so in love with it. The formula is ok too, application is quite smooth although abit drying after 8 hours. But much better than all other matte lipsticks I have.

So tempted to get more from this range! And the ombré exterior of the lipstick? GORGEOUS.

Lippie on me.

With Elaine and I'm wearing tarte beach bum hehe. It's my new favourite lippie! Also used the swamp queen eyeshadows for this look! Was so excited for work that day because of the new cosmetics. Best motivation for work. Lol.

Met up with fiona and ruoxuan last weekend and they gave me some new lip colours for Christmas so I spent the night trying them out. These photos were initially only meant for them so I didn't bother that the background was messy. Eventually decided to share the shades here anyway!

First up - colourpop "more better"

Colourpop x hello kitty
Lock diary

It was dark like the "more better" shade on the outside but surprisingly quite bright when worn. Totally my type of colour. Like!

another tarte lippie - soul. I got a shock at first cos it's so dark. Haha but the final look is so nice!!!! So much character.

Fiona got me this chocolatey shade - tarte latte because I wanted to try a brown shade.

I think it discoloured/desaturated my face though.... maybe I'm more suitable for darker browns!

Retried my colourpop bumble since I am already trying on lippies!

Retried colourpop viper too. Wore it out for two days in a row after this and I LOVE IT.

A berry lip colour I bought recently from Korea!

$4.50 lipstick from Essence!!! I just randomly took it out from the rack and since the colour quite nice, I went to check out the price thinking it will be around $8.90 or something... you know the usual drugstore price. The moment I saw $4.50, I'm like buy lah so cheap. Lol.

So how? Which colour nicest for me? Or do they all look the same to you? Haha!

Then two days later, I was feeling a little down because I went all the way to Bugis for mala mian but it was not open. Then I thought maybe can buy Chwee kueh for supper, closed for the day already! Both stalls! After eating beancurd soup, which was ok but meh because I was craving mala, I decided to take cab home. So means not only it was a wasted trip, it made me take cab when I could have taken the train. Or picked up my Taobao parcel at Dhoby Ghaut instead.

So anyway, I was in a lousy mood and was telling myself, I hope my colourpop is delivered, at least got something to cheer me up and yes!!! I got home to the arrival of my colourpop parcel!

Colourpop thinks I have purrrfect taste. Hahahah. I scrutinized the font and the Rs are not the same so it's handwritten? But now I'm thinking, maybe they hand write then printed copies of it! Should be lah hor who so free to write one by one hahahah.

Oh I just went to google and it seems like sometimes they will randomly drop in some handwritten notes. But other people got name one leh mine only "hi love". I think is ask the intern to prepare in advance, then dropped in during packing lol.

I love colourpop's lippiestix! Mainly for it's inexpensive price tag. It's quite nice for dailywear! It's transferable but it's okay lah, most lipsticks require you to touch up after meals anyway.

If you wanna try new colours, I recommend lippiestix since it's so affordable. If the shade is nice then go buy better brand. Colours like pure brown, purple, etc. Don't talk about pink or reds lah, there are too many shades around, very difficult to find same tones from two different brands.

This time I got poppin, I heart this, cami. (Left to right)

I already got I heart this before this, but I'm not sure where I placed it so I rebuy cos the colour is perfect.

Little did I know, the formula for cami and poppin is even better than I heart this. Buttery and dense upon application. So happy!

Next up, eyeshadows!

I have colourpop's central perk at home and it's my favourite eyeshadow ever. The colour is very pigmented and visible and easy to blend. It's more creamy than powdery and doesn't require many layers to show up.

This time, I got
Brady, seeker, paradox.

Got the highlighters trio so that I can try and see if my skin is more suitable for pink, white, or champagne tone highlighters.

Tried them all and though the swatches turned out quite pretty, I still preferred the highlighter from my tarte swamp queen palette, because it's easier to apply with the brush compared to these!

Yes, one of them is broken~ but colourpop customer service is very fast in their replies! Am all ready to place my next order!! Already eyeing more lippie stix!

Next on my WANT list:
Tarteist Pro Palette
Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette (Mind)
Urban Decay Vice Lippie in Hitchhike

I intend to get them soon! Very sad because Hitchhike was available at Sephora but I didn't buy it that day. Now it's out of stock again! Very popular colour. This teaches us to get whatever we want immediately. Don't wait!

Haha. Anyway, I wrote this entire entry on mobile. Sorry for the terrible grammar! Hehe.

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