Friday, December 9, 2016

Shopping In Seoul

If you ask me what I enjoyed most in Seoul, it'd definitely be the shopping! Here are some of the main shopping areas in Seoul, easily accessible by train!

Myeong Dong

Myeong Dong is a MUST-GO. It's Seoul's major shopping district with many well known brands like Etude House, Missha, Nature Republic, etc.

You can get here by train - Myeong Dong Station Exit 5, 6, 7, 8.

And there's a Line Friends store here too! As we already went to the other branch in Sinsa Dong, we didn't enter this one again. But we still took a photo with the iconic bear again!

So cute one, the police station outside got this!

We were looking for army stew but couldn't find any, so we entered a random restaurant but after that we looked out of the window and saw this opposite!!! Okay you can't see it from here but we saw piles of delicious-looking fried chicken! So yeap... we got tempted and went over :x We didn't know this at that time, but Two Two Chicken is actually quite famous one leh.

The fried chicken smelt so good..... And it is indeed good!!

We also had our small pot of stew craving satisfied here!

Dong Dae Mun

Take the train to Dongdaemun station, Exit 8. Right outside the station, there's this crowded river and bridge.

Waited super long for another tourist to slowly take their photo before I got to step on the stone for a quick snap!

Street hawker selling some fried stuff that look like insects. :x

Doota, Migliore, Doosan tower (next to Migilore) Hello apM and Good Morning City.

Dong Dae Mun is a huge shopping paradise with many shopping centers, you can spend the entire day here. Luckily, my friends shortlisted some of the better ones so I only went to those that they recommend.

Migilore reminds me of Bangkok's Platinum Mall! There are plenty of small shops within the mall selling trendy everyday wear for young ladies at affordable prices.

So much shopping to do here!!

Afterwards we went to Doota, it's slightly more upmarket... There's another small line store here!

Of course I'm the angel. Hehehe.

Went to Lotte as bf wanted to get some souvenirs for his family and colleagues.

Other malls you can also visit are Hello apM, Good Morning City, Doosan Tower. Trust me, you need an entire day here.

Express Bus Terminal

Another highly recommended shopping place is the Express Bus Terminal located in Gangnam (Express Bus Terminal Station Exit 8) It doesn't look spectacular, feels like an indoor market, it's not as trendy as the other places shared here, but the prices are definitely the best! I bought so many clothes here. They sell many things: some clothes, flowers, and home decor shops.

This place open at 10am, so I allocated it first thing in the morning. WRONG MOVE. I was carrying bags of my shopping throughout the day -_- So don't go so early unless you want to carry your shopping bags the entire day. Haha.

Look at this. 3,000 won for a piece? Yes please! I scored so many good deals here. Prices are on average between 3,000 to 12,000.

Among my buys are 3 pieces of the same long sleeve top in different colours. Can't resist. I forgot whether it's 5,000 won or 8,000 won or 10,000 won but even if it's 12,000 won, still quite cheap for the quality of the material!

Shopping made us hungry so we bought this from the interchange which was quite nice because it's still warm!

Gangnam Station

Check out the shops inside Gangnam Station too! Seems like there's alot of underground shopping to do in Seoul!


Slightly more expensive clothes here... but everything's so prettily displayed. And there's a Line Store & Cafe here! How to get here: Sinsa Station Exit 8.


We traveled to Hongik University Station, then Exit 6. I initially led bf and my mum to the wrong exit because I got confused and thought we were at Ewha. Haha. That's why I'm sharing the stations and exit numbers here.... Go to the wrong exit and you end up at a totally different place. Lol.

Stopped by for fried chicken from the street stall!

Saw so many people so i figured it must be here. But just to be sure, I videoed the place and asked my friend in Singapore. Haha. Yes, this is the shopping area in Hongdae!

I like this place!!!! It's crowded, yet not to squeezy because the road is wide. However, it's uphill depending on where you start, so it might be a little tiring. There's so much to see and I loved the buzz! Lots of young people here and I liked how the place is full of energy.

Saw these so decided to give it a try since it looked quite good! But actually it's not really nice lah. Just egg on some cake base.. I thought it will be savoury but it turned out sweet.

There are many restaurants located around this area!

Like in Korean dramas.... It's a pity we didn't experience eating from one of these stalls.

Honeydew milk in cute packaging!

Yummy skewers!

Anyway I bought this cardigan in Korea and decided to wear it immediately!


After Hongdae, we went over to Ewha which was just two train stops away at Ewha Woman's University Station Exit 2.

It is similar to Hongdae, but a more diluted version? Quieter, less buzz and slightly disappointing after enjoying Hongdae just before this. Maybe because it was evening already? We spent most of our time here buying cosmetics!

The streets here are narrower, but still a wide selection of young trendy clothes.

The fashion in Korea is a little repetitive though... We saw so many similar pieces in all the shops. They all look alike so after awhile, it all feels the same. But I still wanna buy them all!

If you have limited time for shopping, I recommend Myeong Dong and Hongdae for the atmosphere. Dong Dae Mun and Express Bus Terminal for the cheap buys!

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