Friday, December 2, 2016

Seoul, Korea - Gangnam Style

Right after the pre-wedding shoot, we took the train to Gangnam!

Throughout the trip, we relied on bf to plan the train route and purchase the tickets so I have no idea how it works. Haha. I only told him where I wanna go for the day, then he arrange from there.

No idea why but the quietness of this station reminded me of Train To Busan. Haha. It was quite late when we decided to head out, that's why there weren't many people around.

At Gangnam!! Ok don't laugh at my hair. This was right after the prewedding shoot okay, and my hair was puffed up by hair spray. Not sure why it looked okay with the gowns but too over with casual clothes. So yep, I walked around Gangnam with this hair.... Haha.

I love the Gangnam-station area at night! It's so crowded and happening!

Went to Andong Zzimdak for dinner! It was highly recommended by bf from his previous trip but actually hor, after we came back to Singapore, we realize that Singapore also have a branch! -_-

It was actually closing and they were not accepting new customers anymore but after some negotiation, he let us in. So nice!! We had to finish in 30 or 45 mins I think.

Huge plate...! It's sweet by the way, but quite yummy!

Look at how huge this is! We shared this among three and we were all very full.

After dinner we went out for a walk and some shopping.

Guess who is annoyed at this guy over here. Hahahaha.

The next morning, we went to Sinsa-dong, another popular area in Gangnam. We came here mainly for the Line Store! There are quite a number of fashionable shops and I liked the vibes here! Everything is so pretty. It's quite evident from how many street snaps I took. Haha. Every angle I see is nice, so I take a photo. Then when I blog, I couldn't decide which photo is nicer so I post all. Haha.

HOW PRETTY IS THIS SHOP??!!?! The florals, the signboard, the font... Everything is on point.

Pretty brick shops with a lawn infront. We don't see this in Singapore.

The only problem here is.... there's not many food options.... Most are cafes, but we wanted some traditional Korean food. We finally settled at this little restaurant.

Ordered bibimbap because I wanted to try the authentic one but I forgot to say I want pork instead of beef! So end up bf and my mum ate it, I didn't manage to try any bibimbap after this throughout my stay in Korea! :(

Fried chicken!!! It's not exactly the type of Korean fried chicken I was looking for, but it's nice. Fried chicken is always nice.

We had this too and it was SO GOOD. Must order if you come here!

Something about the air in Korea is magical.... I looked so fair in all my photos!!! Is it their sunlight got just the right amount of light or what? I always had dry skin in all my past holiday trips to other countries but it was quite okay in Korea!

Anyway, I'm wearing shorts because the weather in Korea was perfect throughout my trip. It was aircon-cold, but no chilling winds. It was so comfortable! The thing is, I thought it was going to be very cold so I only packed long jeans and jackets... It was so hot when I wore them! So for this day, I decided to chuck my jeans aside and wore the denim shorts I brought along for sleeping in. Haha.

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