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Prewedding Shoot in Korea - Behind the Scenes

Last month, we went to Korea for our pre-wedding photoshoot and I have some behind-the-scenes photos to share before we get the official ones!

I had never intended to go overseas for our pre-wedding shoot. I am not particular about the scenery or whatever. I just needed my face to look good, the background doesn't matter. Haha.

I was all ready to just have it done locally but bf suggested for us to go to Australia, since he is familiar with Perth. So we sort of decided on Perth but soon after, my family made plans to head to Melbourne in November. So I thought, why not just make it one trip, do the photoshoot in Melbourne instead of Perth.

Then, the opportunity came up to have our shoot done in Seoul instead and we decided to just go and at the same time, visit Korea! Although it's getting quite common for couples to have prewedding shoot done in Korea nowadays because of the recent trend, I'm very assured about the quality of their pictures! Within days, we got our air tickets and accommodation booked.

Along the way, we decided to also have an indoor shoot done in Singapore and another outdoor shoot done in Melbourne - like what the original plan was supposed to be. I guess the style will be very different for all three shoots!

You know what's the best thing about having our outdoor shoots done overseas? THE WEATHER. I am so glad we didn't have to bother about sweating buckets under the hot sun in Singapore. Because of the cool temperature in Korea, it wasn't as tiring as it would be if we had to deal with the heat. Glad that the weather is also going to be cooling when we have our shoot in Melbourne too!

Our photoshoot in Korea was arranged by Seletar Broadway with a studio partner in Korea. Personally, I think that the difference between Seletar Broadway and other bridal studios in Singapore offering pre-wedding shoots in Korea is that most of them work with many different studios and couples choose the studio they prefer from the selections of sample photos. Instead, Seletar Broadway works very closely with this studio and hence, they are very familiar with the arrangement and all couples can expect the same quality and style.

We didn't do much preparation for the shoot... I was just very assured that everything will be nicely arranged for us! I didn't prepare any makeup look, hair style, props nor poses. We just went.

The only thing we did was before the trip, we selected our gowns and suits in Singapore and brought them over in our luggages. I had 5 gowns + 1 casual wear, bf had 4 suits + 1 casual wear. No issues with the weight as Singapore Airlines allows 30kg checked-in baggage each! In fact, we still had a lot of allowance for shopping in Korea! Hehe. Oh ya I also bought a brand new pair of heels specially for the shoot and got my nails freshly manicured!

Because we already had our gown selections done in Singapore, we didn't have to waste another day selecting gowns in Korea. We requested for our shoot to be on the first full day after arrival in Korea so that we can relax and play after that.

An interpreter and representative from the studio came to fetch us from our apartment and gave us a ride to the salon to get our hair and make up done. The salon was so huge that the staff communicate using walkie-talkies.

My hair was done by this stylist and her assistant. I was so amazed at how she managed to puff up my flat fringe so naturally! I didn't specially request for any hairstyle, just asked for curls and to tie up half as I still want most of my hair to be down.

After that we went up to the 2nd storey, the make up area. There were many dressing tables like this and all the cosmetics laid out.

Prep work and base done by another girl before the makeup artist did her magic on me. To be honest, I was never fond of the natural look that Koreans love - I think that it can only work on people with nice and sharp features. I had to tell her to add more eyeliner and eye-shadow. Also requested for bright pink lips instead of the light gloss they initially applied. But I must say I am very impressed with their skin makeup. They managed to cover up my freckles without the skin looking unnatural or cakey. I had pretty dewy skin the entire day.

Everybody loved my make up that day! They say they prefer this to my usual look. I guess I looked "softer"? Oh and the lipstick? I was so amazed at how well it stayed on, even after meals and drinking water. I wish I had asked for the brand and colour :(

Back at the studio to dress up in the first gown before we head out for the outdoor shoot!

We went to a nearby park first and got some romantic classic shots.

Afterwards, they brought us to another additional location because we finished the shoot at the park ahead of time.

I like this place! A very different feel from the park.

Actually the shoot was extremely easy. We didn't have to think at all. They would position us and instruct us how to pose so that it look good for the camera. Initially I was worried we would have to anyhow pose and end up with awkward shots but the photographer was very experienced, she knew all the right angles! For example, she would get me to tilt my head to a certain angle so that my face look sharper, where to place my hands so that it looks natural on photos, etc.

Then for every pose, we'd have to give a slight smile, big smile, look at each other, then kiss. It was standardized throughout and we managed to complete all the scenes rather quickly. Perhaps to some people they prefer candid shots but I am definitely more natural smiling for the camera than try to act oblivious when there's obviously someone taking photos of me. Haha.

Mum took this photo of us. One of my favourite behind the scenes photo!

On the way back to the studio~

I LOVE THE STUDIO!!!! There were many different scenes and I loved all of them.This one especially!

Our photographer is extremely cute! She gave us instructions with sound effects sometimes and although she is Korean, she tried to use some chinese words like 微笑,大笑,对看,etc.  Lol. We all liked her bubbly character alot! And every single shot that we had to do 大笑, the entire crew would encourage him by saying " 新郎 大笑! 嘻嘻嘻~! 哈哈哈~!" because his 大笑 not 大 enough.

My assistant was also very helpful throughout the shoot! She is this Korean auntie who was so niceeeeee even though we couldn't speak the same language. Constantly by my side, helping me walk with the heavy gowns, getting me a chair to sit whenever I'm not required in the scene, passing me my phone so that I can take photos of my bf when it's his turn for solo shots, etc. She is the one helping me with wearing my gowns and touching up my hair and makeup throughout the day. I felt so pampered!

The best thing is, she definitely knows her work because she is constantly aware of which angle the photographer is shooting from and adjusting my gown so that it looks gorgeous on photos.

It was such a happy day and everyone was so nice.

Our interpreter took this shot for us! We had a videographer shoot the behind-the-scenes for us so that we can show this video at the banquet instead of a childhood montage.

There were also other gowns and backdrops but I shall share the photos after I get it from the photographer! We already selected our preferred ones to edit from the raw images and I'm so in love with the images!!! Even before editing, my face already look sharp and nice, thanks to the photographer who knew how to angle my face. I had a hard time narrowing down our choices because we looked good in all the shots! I am definitely beyond satisfied.

Photo of mum who patiently waited for us the entire day while we shoot!

One of the "scene" which we didn't get to shoot in. Like it very much so I took my OOTD there. haha.

If you are considering to have your prewedding shoot done in Korea too, do check out the packages at Seletar Broadway!

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