Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Turning 26

For my birthday this year, it was a simple affair which started with a family dinner the night before at the zhichar place near our house.

The next morning, I entered the office and saw this bunch of rainbow flowers on my desk without any card. I immediately asked bf "you gave me flowers ah". He said "Uh... What flowers?" -_- Afterwards I told him about needing to repair my phone because the screen broke and we discussed about where to repair. Then 2 minutes later he say, "Ya, flowers I send de" Hahaha.

Took this photo after getting my phone repaired! Luckily there was a repair shop nearby my office and they got it fixed for me over lunch.

In the afternoon, my colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake while I was busy with work! :)

They got me the eyeshadow palette which I was eyeing, plus a moss plant! I told them I'm someone that cannot even care for a cactus plant, they want me to take care of a moss plant? Lol. Anyway, I named the moss "Kate". Kate Moss. Geddit? Geddit??

After work, bf brought me to Marina Mandarin Hotel for buffet dinner! The food there is really good!

And we stopped the car at the roadside to lit a candle on the cupcakes he got for me :)

Among the other presents he got for me, he also gave me a Snowball stuffed bunny!!! So adorable!

Was a very happy girl that day! 

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