Saturday, October 15, 2016

Craving for BAKE Cheese Tarts?

I've always wanted to try the highly-raved BAKE cheese tarts but never had the chance to because every time I'm at Ion, the average waiting time in the queue is 2-3 hours. Nope, I'm not gonna queue that long for some tarts. Haha.

So how excited I was when I suddenly remember I can use LaborMe app to get someone to queue for me! Previously I used the app to get Rich and Good Swissrolls because I was craving for it and the shop close before I end work.

This easy to use app allows users to pay someone to run errands, do your chores, queue for tarts, etc. Basically, it's a perfect app for people like me who rather pay for convenience and save precious time. Alternatively, people who have some free time can sign up as a tasker to earn some extra cash in their free time!

I keyed in my details and within 2-3 hours, I got two boxes delivered to me - One for my family and another for bf. We had it for supper and IT WAS SO GOOD, I regretted getting only 6 pieces. I now know why the queue is so long. The tarts are fragrant and the cheese is so smooth. It wins all the other cheese tarts I ever had in my life.

Still, I probably wouldn't queue 2-3 hours for it so I recommend to use the app instead. So far the LaborMe app has been nothing but awesome! There is a list of featured food delivery options (including Tai Cheong Egg Tarts, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, etc) so you can look out for some recommendations, or just create a task and order from your favourite stall anywhere!

Check it out:

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