Thursday, October 13, 2016

Braces - Result

Got my braces removed just in time before my pre-wedding photoshoot!

It has been two years since I first had braces, and I'm glad to finally have them off! Except for times when I had to have rubber bands on, most months were painless so it was a breeze. I could still eat all my favorite food within two days after each time I get my braces tightened.

Best thing is, ceramic braces aren't very obvious in photos unless they are close up selfies.

And you know what? IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!

I didn't have very crooked teeth at first but because it was protruding, I had a very ugly side profile which made all my candid photos look horrible. Also, I was unable to smile without showing my teeth. Can you imagine how ridiculous that was? I could only "not smile" or "smile brightly". No in-between. You know how sometimes in the office you pass by your colleague and you give a polite tiny smile? I wasn't able to do that without looking like some ahsiao ready to take a photo. Haha. I can do that now!

This photo was taken during the final month and I could see the result already. So pleased!

Straight teeth!

Here's the before and after official photo taken by TLC Dental Centre. No edits to face shape. Check out the difference to my side profile!

This one was taken in the morning so my face is slightly puffy. See photo below for my afternoon side profile! No edits to face shape.

I am so amazed at how different I look when the only thing I did was going through braces. From time to time my dad would show me old photos of myself and I'd go... omg I was so round back then! My face definitely looks slimmer now.

I saw the raw images of my pre-wedding photos and honestly, I love all the shots showcasing my side profile! It's like, don't even need to photoshop also nice! Everytime I look at the photos, I feel so thankful that 2 years back, I decided to get braces done.

All thanks to my orthodontist Dr Sham! She is a specialist in braces so she is very experienced in teeth movement and adjustment of braces to get the exact results desired.

By the way, TLC Dental Centre has recently moved to a new premise in Orchard! Love the new place and it's bigger too!

Asked for a nice pink box for my retainers :)

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