Sunday, October 2, 2016

KL - Sunway Pyramid

We were at KL earlier this year and visited Sunway Pyramid because we've never been there!

Sad to say, it was a big regret because we were soooo bored there. When inside the mall, it felt like we have never left Singapore. Haha.

We had Thai food at this restaurant called "Thai Thai" in the mall and it was quite good~ Thai food never fails.

With the exception of the egg tofu hotplate, the rest are all my staples at Thai restaurants - minced meat omelette, basil leaf meat, pandan chicken, and kangkong!

And of course the ice milk tea.

There was a Kungfu Panda promo exhibit so we went to take some photos!

Sunway Lagoon is just beside!

Saw a Hello Kitty Cafe and went in for some desserts! (At that time Hello Kitty Cafe haven't opened their branch in Singapore yet, so we were super excited to see one there!)

So pretty!!!

So pretty!!!

So pretty!!!

They have macarons too! In pastel colours too!

Ending this entry with two more random snaps. Yay happy to complete this backlog which I've been dragging since forever!

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