Thursday, December 29, 2016

FoodLine Chinese New Year Catering

Chinese New Year is coming soon!

So excited for all the feasting. My favourite thing about Chinese New Year besides an excuse to buy new clothes, is definitely the food - Reunion dinner, Yusheng, Bakkwa, etc.

Can't wait to start hosting gatherings at our new home! I know many people don't like to host because cooking and cleaning up is too much trouble. I definitely agree with that and I think I'd just order catering food next time! Catered food has improved by heaps and bounds over the years and for special occasions like CNY, there's always the premium menus to choose from if you wanna pamper yourself!

Catering food is not just for big parties... Nowadays, there are plenty of small group buffet delivery! Just go to and filter search for 5-10 pax menus!

Foodline has a Best Price Guarantee so you can be ensured that you have the best deal! I did a quick search and saw some companies offering an additional free course, while others are giving exclusive discounts up to 50% off! If you are inviting the entire village over, there are also value-for-money full buffets for 20-100 pax.

Most of the CNY menus have yusheng included, so that saves you time from having to make another trip to the supermarket!

Best thing is, get $38 off all orders by using Foodline Discount Code FLEXCNY17 (Valid for all orders submitted before 31 Jan 2017, doesn't have to be CNY menu!)

Chinese New Year Catering:

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- Photos from Xin Yi Pin Catering

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