Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Makeup Haul!

New makeup haul!

I fell in love with the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette the first time I tried the colours at Sephora and after eyeing it for awhile, I finally got mine on! In order to hit minimum spending for free shipping, I added two more palettes to my cart too!

Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette
Tarteist Pro Glow To Go
Happy Girls Shine Brighter Eye & Cheek Palette

Check out the beautiful colours!! The variation can't really be seen in this photo but I love every single shade in this palette (with the exception of the glitter column which I don't think I'd use very often!). I like how I can have so many pairings from a single palette, I can use it on its own without the need to pick colours from another palette to match. You know how certain palettes have many colours but nothing to match? For example, some palettes have only 1 shade of each colour, so we need to get a lighter or dark version from another palette, but this one  has 2-3 shades of the same colour so that it can be used in a single look!

So pretty! One reason why I love Tarte shadows are that they are super dense and obvious on the eyes. Two of my favourite shadow formulas are definitely from Tarte and Colourpop.

Pro Glow To Go is a contouring kit which had two highlighters and one contour. I've been using the Happy Girls Shine Brighter palette for the past few days. I bought it to be used as a compact travel palette, as it seems to have pretty much everything I need. Actually, more than what I need.

However, some of the colours are quite disappointing as the payoff is not very visible on the eyelids.

If I could choose, I'd keep the blush, black, dark brown, date night, and the rest of the space to put a compact blush brush and two shadow brush. And maybe add a pink shadow or something.

I am still on the look out for the perfect compact palette for travel! My ideal one should have blush, black shadow, brown shadow, highlight, contour, and brush inside!

Another palette as a gift from Nadia :) Love the neutral colours!

Fiona gifted me this Stila palette as my wedding gift! It's another one of those palettes that I've been eyeing because of the pretty colours! I particularly like the warm brown on the last row and it's not very common in other palettes.

Colourpop Batch One:

This one was from January! I missed the delivery and went down to the post office to collect first thing next morning.

Happily queued and only when I'm in front, I realized the slip says "you may collect it at the post office after 2pm the next day". It was like only 10am? Lol.

Luckily, it was already there! Else really is face palm moment.

BF (that time still boyfriend!) called me early in the morning and offered to drive me from my house to the post office and back. ❤️ I was really dreading the bus ride before that! If I take cab, it would be so bohua because colourpop makeup is supposed to be cheap. If I add the cab fare to collect, then it wouldn't be cheap already. Plus I had no other reason to head to the mall except for the parcel.

Lippie stix! They launched new lippie stix from their liquid shades right after I checked out so I got some on my next purchase! I've always preferred lippie stix over their liquid but the colors are very limited. Glad to have more choices to choose from!

Shadows. Was so happy with all my buys this time.

Ziggie and Baewatch.

Gorgeous!!!! Super love Baewatch but I broke the stix upon first application -_- too excited haha.
Both colours are super chio.

Pretty shadows for all occasions!

From top, clockwise:
- roulette
- elixir
- shop
- drift
- bandit
- weenie
- melrose

Middle: Fairfax

Weenie Bandit Drift Shop

Weenie is SO SHIMMERY AND PRETTY. It's really different from other shiny eyeshadow I have - It's more pigmented and produces a thicker coverage.

I also like Shop too! The pink is very wearable and suitable for any day.

Elixir Roulette Melrose Fairfax

Bought the matte black to see if it can replace my usual MAC black. I don't like most black eyeshadows and so far only MAC's black is the best. Long lasting and pigmented and matte and dark.

So far am quite pleased with Colourpop's black. Maybe really can replace. Save money leh this is like five times cheaper. Haha.

Anyway I bought a lot of browns this time and I had a hard time shortlisting all of them because they look alike but different. I couldn't decide which one is better so I just ordered more! Haha.

Very satisfied buys.

While packing all my colourpop stash, I realise I spent so much on Colourpop even though each shadow is only USD5 (SGD8)? I think precisely because it's cheap, we just buy more, then end up spend more than what we usually do.

Need some self-control!

Wearing Shop shadow and Ziggie lippie stix here. Kinda like this look very much!

Colourpop Batch Two:

Another recent parcel! It was mainly for the pressed shadows as they were giving away a free box for every four colours purchased.

Actually I think they should just include the packaging for all shadows lo... So weird to use the shadows on its own without the box. I chose four matte colours out of the many shades available, and was gifted an additional bronze shimmer. Now I can't decide which four of these five to place in the box as a set!

I also got three lippie stix that are actually in colours similar to their popular liquid lippies. I got Sauce (similar to Viper), Goaldigger (similar to Bumble), and Daydream which is a dark brown shade.

Didn't had chance to play around with these new makeup in the busy month leading up to the wedding but now that everything is settled, I'd definitely be trying more new looks!

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