Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Biggest Wedding Fears

Now that my wedding is done, I would like to share some of the fears I had!

1. Absence

One of my worse fears for the wedding was having any of my bridesmaid or his groomsmen back out last minute. I think it's something that most brides don't worry about but I did! I could only heave a sigh of relief on the morning itself when it's confirmed that all of them have woke up and are preparing to head over to my place. Hahaha. I mean, no matter how responsible your friends are, there are still some unforeseen circumstances that are valid reasons to not show up. Besides the main point about not having my dearest friends with me during the wedding, I was kinda reluctant to have an unequal number for bridesmaids and groomsmen. End up this became not important at all because we only had ONE photo taken with all of us in the same frame! Lol this sounded really shallow but I was really worried about it.

Absence also included the main important people as well. I wanted all my loved ones to be around!

2. Weather

Nope, it wasn't for any serious issue. My solemnization venue is outdoor but sheltered, so I wasn't so worried about it. So why do I care about the weather? As you can see, I'm quite particular about the bridesmaids photos. I wanted to take a nice photo of us in a nature setting with no shelter. Didn't help that when we checked the weather forecast days before, it was supposed to rain on the timing we planned to do the shoot! Also, it was raining the entire week before and after our wedding!

Luckily for us, it didn't rain throughout the shoot and solemnization!

3. Memory Card

Photographs are extremely important to me and I've had my own memory card fail before, so I was very very very afraid of having only one photographer. This is why I had two photographers - Kevin Ho Photography and NinebySG. Both sent me some sneaks which I will periodically share on my instagram.

4. Pimple

Tell you ah, I must be damn suay. I had a HUGE pimple during my prewedding shoot in Korea. Nevermind, can edit. Then when I went to Melbourne for the other prewedding shoot, ANOTHER pimple! Okay nevermind, photoshop comes to the rescue. Even during the studio shoot in Singapore, have also. This, for someone who hardly have pimples on normal days!

Oh well, guess what? I had clear skin on the week before the wedding, but at the second last day, two pimples suddenly popped up -_- Thank goodness it wasn't too huge and my makeup artist was able to cover it well.

5. Being sick

Imagine having the runs in your gown, on such a busy day. Just the thought alone is scary enough! I was caught in the rain few days before but luckily all was well on the wedding day itself.

I also thought of many other problems that could happen and I was prepping myself for that. I only hope that they are temporary issues that can be remedied within the wedding day itself. I even added a spare pair of heels, a sewing kit, and a spare laptop into the packing list just so that I have a "Plan B" for things that could possibly go wrong. So as you can see, my 5 biggest fears are the mainly the things I have no control over.

It's a one-in-a-lifetime event so I really hope that my memories of the wedding could be happy moments and not anger or sadness or even emotionless. I reminded myself again and again to not let little things affect me, and thankfully, besides feeling a wee bit stressed about the time, I felt mostly happiness! Actually, time passed by too fast for me to feel much! Haha.

Not sure if I had thought the worst or what, but the day went by generally okay. There were time delays here and there but we managed to do everything that we planned! Most of the credit goes to our bridesmaids and groomsmen because they handled the entire event extremely well. I was especially precise with the details during the preparation period, so that we can let go and chill on the day itself. All the hard work was worth it!

Can't wait to share more once I get the full set of photos :)

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