Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bridal Nails by Milly's

Check out my bridal nails done at Milly's! I've always knew that I wanted my wedding day nail design to be white 3D floral with blings, so I didn't have to do much research! I love how classic and bridal it is, yet not too simple! It's very important to have nice nails for the wedding day because people will get up close and the nails will be very noticeable!

I also went to Milly's for all my nails for the prewedding shoots! For those, I wanted it simpler as details wouldn't be captured anyway. Colour has to be neutral and the design has to be as basic as possible so that it wouldn't look old-fashioned twenty years later. Haha.

As you all know, I did three prewedding shoots so I needed three different designs!

I did french nails for the shoot in Seoul as the photography style in Korean studios tend to be softer and simpler. They looked really nice in the photo!

For the studio shoot in Singapore, I did pink nails with abit of bling.

And for the shoot in Melbourne, I did plain dusty pink. Gelish single colour at Milly's is only $20!

To book an appointment, call any of the following outlets. If it's for your bridal nails too, remember to inform the staff so that they can allocate a longer time slot for you!

Suntec: 62386216
Far East Plaza: 67376723
Jem: 67346216
Plaza Sing: 62526216
Bugis: 63376876

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