Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prewedding Studio Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Besides the main pre-wedding shoot in Seoul and Melbourne, we also took some indoor photos at Seletar Broadway's studio. Thankfully, we already have sufficient outdoor photos taken during the other two shoots so we didn't need to do it locally. The weather here would have been relentless otherwise!

The studio is located on the 2nd level above the gown gallery on the ground floor. I remember the first time I entered the studio, I was impressed by wide variety of different background set up. Besides the usual roller backdrops that can be changed, there are also different wall settings all around the studio. There's even a flower wall!

Here are some photos I took behind the scenes during the gown fitting and shoot.

I had three gowns for the indoor shoot and this one is definitely my favourite! I love the design, the flattering cut, the premium material, and the very special colour! It looked extremely gorgeous in reality! I'd have chosen it for my actual day evening gown if it was in a safer colour like dark blue or wine red, but for photos this shade of green is definitely unique!

Bf took this photo during the shoot... Love how the material makes the gown look so good when light shines on it. I really don't know how to explain this but just go there and request to try this gown. You will fall in love with it.

Another gown which I absolutely love as well, is this one!!! I found myself looking at this gown every single time I visit the bridal studio and I finally asked to try it. It's PERFECT!!!!! I like the feminine cut and lovely colour so much, I just cannot find any fault with this design. The final photos in this gown turned out very pretty! Can't wait to show everybody the full photo after the wedding.

The third gown was a new piece recommended by the staff and we chose it immediately upon seeing it.

Check out the back! I'm sure this gown will be extremely popular with the guests if you wear it on the actual day!

If you are interested to find out more about Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio, you may want to read my earlier post on them.

Already went to select my gowns for actual day, but I shall not reveal my choices until the big day! :)

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