Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wedding Preparations - Food Tasting

Earlier this week, we had our much-awaited food tasting session for the wedding! I figured most of my friends and relatives do not read my blog, so it should be okay to post about it I guess? Haha. Also, I don't think I'd get the chance to sit down and enjoy my food on the actual day anyway.

Marriott prepared a private room in Wan Hao Restaurant for the food tasting session. Generally, I wasn't too worried about the quality of wedding food at Marriott because it is prepared by Wan Hao. Indeed, all the dishes turned out quite well. Hopefully the standard will be as good on the actual day!

This is the second time both our parents met and this time it was slightly more casual because there wasn't anything serious to discuss about so we could chit-chat freely about other matters!

Here's our selected menu. It isn't exactly my dream wedding course, but the options were quite limited. Just gotta make do with what the hotel has to offer!

Our combination platter of:
- roasted suckling pig
- smoked duck
- drunken chicken
- prawn salad
- Japanese unagi

With the exception of drunken chicken which was average, the rest were yums! Prawns were the huge and plump type too, so that's good.

The Lobster broth is my favourite! It had a generous serving of prawn, scallop, crab meat, etc. The seafood were all in huge chunks and the soup was tasty.

The next dish - Baby abalone, Lingzhi mushroom and seasonal greens. Thumbs up! Wish they had whole abalones though.

Live garoupa. Very fresh and yummy.

Crab roll and spare ribs. These were quite nice too. We were given fork and knife for this course... not sure why? Haha.

Japanese udon with shredded duck... plating is not very nice and the pepper smell was quite strong when served. However, the taste is good.

Ending off with red bean and glutinous rice balls. I didn't like the infusion of mandarin peels but the parents liked it so we didn't change.

The waiter was so funny, from 4th dish onwards placed the dish right infront of me instead of the middle of the table because he knew I wanted to take photos. Lol. After I take a photo, then he bring it to the side to distribute to individual plates. Haha.

We are down to less than 2 months to the wedding and we still have lots of little details to confirm! Hopefully we don't miss out anything!

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