Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wedding Preparations - Getting Started

After the proposal. we were at a loss on what to do first so I did up a draft checklist of the things to do leading up to the wedding and the first two items were - Choose a Date and Book a Venue. The rest can slowly decide after that.

We actually wanted to calculate our dates first, but realize that we ought to find out what are our parents' expectations and traditional customary beliefs before getting started.

So, a couple of days back, my bf invited my parents for a dinner with his parents in a Chinese restaurant. Main aim was to discuss about both sides' expectations before we start booking anything. Glad it went quite well and not too awkward!

The Chinese traditions really got us so confused, and sometimes, I think it's better to not know all the superstitions else it really limits the things we can or cannot do! I didn't mind the general traditions but some others are either ridiculous or too restrictive. Also, different people say different things so which version to listen to? Hence, we decided to ignore those that doesn't make any sense. Luckily bf's family isn't very particular about these stuff.

Actually even without the dinner, we can also discuss by passing messages back and forth but it's not as good as meeting face to face. For many people, the parents only meet up during the food tasting session for the banquet, but I felt that it would be too late for any major changes as that would be midway into the wedding planning timeline. I'd rather know what they want before we start planning, instead of having to make changes after we already got it settled.

Next, to confirm our date and book our venue!

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  1. Wedding is among most special moments of our life! In my opinion, wedding preparations should be handled by professionals. We remember we had a tough time in selecting wedding venues Los Angeles but our planner helped a lot and made is pretty easy to book one.

  2. Hi, a question: if it's your wedding, why do you need to have a dinner to discuss the expectations of your parents? Isn't it your day and not theirs???

    1. If you aren't already familiar with Chinese weddings, there are alot of traditions that the elderly will expect the couple to follow. Better to discuss all these details from the start instead of having unpleasant surprises midway through. For example, we need to know how many tables of relatives they intend to invite, so that we book a suitable venue. Also, although it's my wedding and not theirs, if the parents really want certain customs to be carried out, I think it's a form of respect to just do it. I don't see how it would affect the big day because i'd still have majority control over things that really matter.