Sunday, May 29, 2016

Homerun Baseball

On one of our double date weekends, the boys suggested going to Homerun Baseball! Something new, why not?

So with a sporty day in mind, I searched my entire wardrobe for a casual outfit that morning and realized I have nothing suitable to wear! How could it be that I have no clothes for sports??? I remember buying some running shirts last year when I just got my new treadmill but I didn't even wore it once (I always run in home clothes) and it's nowhere to be found in my room.

In the end, I went out wearing this. Yea yea... I know... How is this even close to sportswear right? Hahaha. At least I wore suitable shoes ok! I ended up with very painful toes at the end of the night because I'm so not used to wearing such shoes. 

We paid $20 for 5 tokens, and each token has 15 hits. Plus 2 free tokens, it was 7 in total. We initially thought that this would last very long since each token has 15 hits, but we were very wrong. 7 rounds were over in no time and we paid another $20 after that. 

Started with the pitching cage! I was quite amused by the automated ball-throwing-machine. Lol. Catching the ball is damn fun! I conclude that I'm better at catching the ball than throwing the ball. Hahaha. Didn't even try to hit the correct numbers, got hit the box already very happy liao! 

Afterwards we went to the 80KM softball pitch. There are several speeds and we chose the lowest one first. 

This is me missing the ball. It is so difficult!!! The bat is heavy and the surface area so small. How to aim?? It's very depressing to swing the bat so hard and every single time miss the ball. Badminton is so much easier! 

Alvin managed to hit several balls though.... so I guess is I lousy, shouldn't blame the stick. Hahaha.

The boys eventually moved on to faster cages. Bf fared not too badly too! 

Me and Keryn used the remaining tokens to play pitching instead. Haha. So much more fun lor. I ended up with 3 in the box and just nice one of them is the correct number. Woohoo! 

After we left, they told me that the 2nd row was a free line (for their 2nd year anniversary promo ending 31st May), that's why got alot of people queuing for that cage. Omg, then why we pay???!! No wonder we didn't have to wait at all! 

Anyway, I don't think I'd be back on my own accord again lah, this kind of sports not really my cup of tea. Hahaha. But there's a trampoline park nearby and a cafe which is supposedly quite nice, so perhaps I'd visit those instead! 

If you are interested, here's the address!
200 Pandan Gardens, 609336

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