Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love Language Test

Today, we took the Love Language Test.

Actually we tried it before but I forgot the results, so we re-did it!

My results were as expected.
My top two love languages are "Quality Time" and "Words of Affirmation".

Quality Time

I wish my bf was more clingy. HAHA. I'd be very happy if he wants to see me all the time. I've had ex-boyfriends who prioritize me and make plans to meet me WHENEVER they are available. If I am not free, then they go find their own activities. I like this arrangement leh, because this makes me feel that he misses me and wants to spend time with me.

It took me some time to get used to my current bf's way of managing time.... he likes to pre-plan his schedule and never one time he plan to meet me every single day of the week! Haha I think if I say "ok lah you no need to meet me at all this week", he will gladly oblige.

For me, I love spending time with my boyfriend, even if we are not going anywhere or doing anything. It's not a MUST to stick together all day long, but I don't mind. Somehow for him, alone-time is more important than GF-time! :(

Words of Affirmation

I love receiving long texts/ written letters about feelings. I feel happy when my bf suddenly say "I love you" for no reason - which he very rarely does. I think he only said it like less than 5 times throughout our 4 years together? All the other times were out of habit... The standard sentence before sleeping... "Goodnight, sweet dreams, I love you~" type. Haha.

I also like hearing reasons why my bf love me, and words of appreciation about me etc, but he could never come up with anything deep when I ask. Sometimes I feel a slight envy when I see other guys gushing about their girlfriends with so much pride and love.

Bf's Love Language

Bf didn't have any love language that stood out more than the rest - highest two were "Words of Affirmation" and "Acts of Service". I don't think I do very well on thes two though, cos I'm not one who say mushy things and I am too lazy to do things for him. Haha.

And when I saw that "Receiving Gifts" was the least of his priorities, I said to him, "Yay no need give bf gifts. Save money woohoo!" Lol. Funny thing is, I receive small gifts from him all the time so I thought it would rank higher on his chart.

Anyway, I searched my email and found the results of the same test we did in 2014.

For me, my result was almost the same but his one got quite abit of difference!! So fickle minded. Haha.

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