Friday, May 6, 2016

Q1 2016

Trying to clear some backlogs before I start on my Japan travelogue, so here are some random updates!

Pince and Pints for dinner with bf one fine day! I had the grilled lobster while he had the chilli lobster. Shiok!

After that, we went back again for our 4th year anniversary because I wanted to try the truffle lobster roll! Bf had the same chilli lobster dish again. I think guys usually have that because it's feels more filling than the rest?

I initially wanted to keep this dress for the meet up with my friends two days after, which was the proposal day, but I didn't know so I eventually wore this for our 4th year anniversary date! Wasted, this dress is so much nicer than the black plain dress I wore during the proposal. Haha.

While we were having lunch, I didn't like one of the meats we ordered and instead of swallowing it down, I wrapped it with my serviette neatly and placed it aside.

After we finished our dessert, he took my serviette and proceed to open it up so that he can use.

I said "Noooo!!! Don't open!!!" But it was too late. He saw the bitten mess inside. Omg so paisei. Lucky not first date. Hahahahaha.

Met up with Ben and Isaac again for dinner after soooooo long!!!

Mookata on two occasions... One with Ruoxuan, Fiona and Shannon, then another session on a later date to recommend it to my family! On the first session I couldn't really focus on the food because we were so into our conversation and the topic jumped from one to another like crazy. So much to chat about! Love hanging out with them :)

My family give the thumbs up for New Udon Mookata at Golden Mile! I always go back to the same stall because their marinate is the best.

One of those rare days awhile back when I decide to eat healthily for dinner but fail miserably because this diet only lasted one day. Hahahah.

Ippudo with Chelsea just before the proposal! Finally tried it after hearing so much about this place.

Dad's birthday this year!

Testing my new camera~ Quite nice eh!

Afterwards went back to his house for CNY gathering with his friends. It was so coincidental that his colleague's boyfriend happened to know his school friends too!

Crabby treat from mum! We ordered white pepper but it tasted more like ginger onion. But got crab better than no crab! It's one of my favourite seafood.

Dad and me queued super long for this lor mee but it failed our expectations.... it was so-so only.

Attended a wedding dinner with bf's family~ Perhaps my first time attending one which I don't even know the couple at all. Haha.

Nice flatlay photo of my lunch at work awhile back!

Bf treated us to Hai Di Lao after our trip from Japan! It was something nice to look forward to after our holiday ended.

Soon after, we went back again for my dad's birthday celebration! We always order almost the same things haha. And, luncheon meat in mala soup is very shiok!

Dinner with Clare. There's almost always sashimi involved whenever we meet!

Had a free afternoon so I painted the flowers that bf gave me for the proposal before they wither. Not my best painting, but it's a meaningful one :)

Chong Qing Hot Pot, very yummy!

Concetto! Food here is always good, though I miss the previous version of their pasta.

- -

Was cabbing on my way to work when suddenly there was a bang sound. The cab got hit at the back. While the driver went out to speak to the other person, I was sitting inside the stationary car, with other cars on the left and right passing by damn fast because we are on a expressway. So scary and dangerous! And, my office is just 2km away!

- -

BF dropped by my office and passed me some cakes for my colleagues and an almond pastry for me! He say this one specially for me because heart shaped! Hehe

Went to visit Nadia and Baby Aidan at her newly furnished home after her confinement!

Afterwards, bf joined me at my grandmother's 70th birthday celebration :)

- -

Originally posted on my Dayre on 2 Jan 2016

Day 2 of 2016 started off with a visit to TLC dental center to tighten my braces, and a feast at Suki ya immediately after.

It was okay, though I still prefer Hai di lao. Very different lah haha one is Japanese shabu one is Chinese steamboat.

Afterwards we went to karaoke! Bf booked a room at this new cat ktv place called Manekineko. It felt very Japanese and I wondered what if all the songs are Japanese songs!

Told bf that the cat mascot is cute. Then he said with a serious face, "but they say no pets allowed" haha

Instead of a control station like usual ktv places, here they use an app which customers have to download on their own phone/ipad.

I think it's quite good cos we can just pass around the ipad, don't have to keep shifting to the seat infront of the control station to choose songs. However, I felt that they should provide the device instead because it drains the customer's own battery and the downloading/configuration part at the start was quite an hassle.

They counted in the "setting up" time into our session, so we actually only sang 1 hour plus instead of 2. The end time is automatic. No "last song" warning.

Also, the app seem to have some design issue (e.g can't click/prioritise last song on the list because it's blocked by a lower panel, etc).

But the selections of songs were quite good, and easy to search too. Not bad lah!

Afterwards we had some mediocre duck kway chap after buying a grey cardigan for my trip to Japan in March! It's still early but I've already settled all my outerwears, one for each of the days I'm gonna be there. Lol. Not sure if I'd still feel cold or not... Cos honestly the blazers and jackets I have aren't very thick! The agent said approximately 7degrees to 15 degrees. No idea how cold is that. Lol.

Dessert time! craving for durian so I ordered durian snow ice~ too big portion though, can't finish!

I love durian!!! Wish I could have it more often hehe.

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