Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Ramen Week

I had three and a half bowl of ramen from japanese restaurants last week. And then for the past three days, I've had three bowls of Japanese instant noodles.

I'm officially sick of ramen already!

First was this last Friday night near my office because I was trying to reward myself for the end of a week of hard work.

$18 for a bowl of crab ramen which wasn't fantastic because it came with Chilli flakes and I felt it affected the soup. Sian.

Then on Saturday we went to Ippudo for lunch cos I wanted to intro it to BF.

It's comparable to our favourite ramen at Keisuke Tori King (note tori, because the tonkotsu branch is not as nice)

After that on Sunday I had this Chashu udon which is not really ramen but the soup is ramen type of soup so it's 0.5 ramen.

Then on Tuesday after work I was craving for my fave mala noodles at a small stall in a street alley but it wasn't open so I settled for mala ramen at a Japanese restaurant but it didn't have the authentic mala noodles type of taste that I wanted. Another $18 fly away.

Then on Thursday, I bought this back for dinner because I was craving for Japanese ramen and didn't want to spend another $18.

This was $1.35 and tasted quite nice!

On Friday I decided to buy back the same cup noodles for supper for my family because when I ate it the day before, she commented it looks good.

Ya, everytime Friday must celebrate.

And I just cooked this for lunch today because
(1) I'm alone at home
(2) nothing in the fridge that is easy to cook for one person
(3) delivery options all have minimum order
(4) it's raining
(5) actually decided to just go down and buy food then when I was infront of the storeroom selecting umbrella, I realize that I don't really dare to anyhow select one and risk cockroaches flying out when I open.


Anyway I cook the ramen until very pekchek because it's very windy and my fire went off like 4-5 times while I was cooking a 4-5 minute meal. Next time my house gonna use electric stove.

The ramen turned out to taste like ee-mee which I don't really like, but the soup is good! :)

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