Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Café & Bar Gavroche

Late last year, bf brought me to Café & Bar Gavroche, a cosy french bistro on Tras Street. We seldom go cafe-hopping nowadays and I hardly blog about cafes as much as I used to because they are starting to feel all the same. However, Gavroche was special enough for me to remember even now, almost 5 months later.

The pretty entrance led to a setting which would remind diners of the roadside cafes in Paris. There was alot of attention to details and the ambiance still felt somewhat special, although it had the same nostalgic-objects-for-decor formula that alot of other cafes have too.

Flooring tiled with cobblestones in a small indoor corner with a skylight ceiling.

Check out the marbled table top! Perfect for flatlays :x

I ordered the Oeufs Cocotte, which is actually baked eggs with mushroom and bacon, coupled with bread at the side. Bread was quite tough, but overall quite yummy. It was actually already sold out for the day but the people there very nicely offered to make one more bowl just for me. Isn't that lovely?

Bf had this photogenic dish - the Croque-Madame, which is actually a sunny side up egg on top of a sandwich.

Afterwards we went to a random park for photos before our movie. Remembered climbing a long flight of stairs in my heels just for this OOTD photo!

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