Thursday, April 28, 2016

Valentines 2016

This Valentines was a simple one, with a dinner date at Sentosa and then a movie after.

Lovely pink bouquet from bf, though I prefer them on regular days when they are not so overpriced!

We had some time before dinner so we took some nice photos using self timer.

So glad that I chose to wear this outfit because most of the photos turned out quite nice! Heh.

Afterwards, we had a satisfying and yummy dinner! Favourite dish was my main course! It was actually steak on the set but because I don't eat beef, they specially prepared chicken for me, and it was really good.

We spent more time on dinner than expected and ended up rushing to harbourfront for our movie! Luckily we arrived just as the movie start!

Went to check my archives and realize that last year we also spent Valentines at Sentosa!

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