Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Conversations with the bf

BF was asking me if steamed buns are fattening and I told him that it is, because of carbs and the gravy inside.

So he said he intends to buy dry raisins from the supermarket to munch on as snack when he feels hungry. And I told him my colleague says it's actually also fattening because it's full of sugar. Lol.

Then he replied this. Hahahahaha.

Wanted to reply with a shit sticker but decided to be nice and sent him a sticker of a cute girl asking him to eat soil instead. Lol.

- - - - -

I always send bf this sticker on linechat. There is a series of stickers featuring this rabbit bullying the partner and so I love using it on bf. Haha.

Then one day, they launched a version from the partner's pov. And bf bought it.

And used this on me. Lol.

- - - - -

Halfway through our relationship, BF's daily morning calls started sounding like alarm clock to me. I will intuitively click on the "snooze" button HAHAHAH. It's not unusual to see double digits missed calls from him when I eventually wake up.

Was telling him, sleeping beauty's prince went through all the thorns to get to her and wake her up leh, but he only call. Imagine if the story was about the prince spamming her with calls instead? Hahaha. That's the modern version of a prince now.

Told him to come my house in order to wake me up.

Alternatively, I must find a job that start earlier than him hehehehe.

- - - - -

Me: Chio
Bf: Korean star?
Me: Me
Bf: Lol. Oh ya. No wonder so familiar.

My bf really knows how to 随机应变. Hahahahaha.

- - - - -

Some random ones... Warn you first, some quite lame.

Bf often sits at a particular sofa whenever he waits for me to end work and bring me home. On one of the day I knew he wasn't going to be there, I sent him a picture of the empty chair and said...

Haha sometimes after work I will call him and say "I end work already. Where you waiting for me?", when obviously I know he wasn't going to be there that day. Haha.

- - - - -

Backstory on why I called that polar Bi-polar. Late last year, I messaged bf this:

Bf bf, next time we adopt a polar. Then we call it Bi.



And so, the name stuck and bf kept calling this polar sticker Bi-polar too.

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