Thursday, April 21, 2016

Treehouse Villa @ Changi

Finally blogging about Treehouse Villa! Me and my family had a 3D2N stay in July last year, in conjunction with my sister's 21st birthday party! The place is super chio! So envy that I didn't know about this venue when I had mine four years back.

Although it's classified as a chalet, it felt more like a holiday resort on some island away from Singapore. The bad news is, booking is not open to public.

Took me so long to write this entry because I snapped so many photos and was dreading the uploading and sorting. Hahaha finally got it done!

Here's a little tour!

Upon entering, this is the reception area.

Surrounding the villa is a nice garden! The entire premise around our villa is quiet and peaceful, it felt like we were in our own little world!

Our villa!

Each villa has its own porch for BBQ too, which is awesome because I love BBQs.

Chairs to have a nice quiet chit chat outside...

Kitchen area fully usable with fridge, oven, water heater, bowls, cutleries, etc~ I sat here for my instant noodles dinner the first night while watching TV. Felt like home :) They even gave us a bowl of snacks!

Living room. The entire villa is very spacious and cozy. The best thing is... it is fully air-conditioned!

Check out the outdoor bathroom! Beside this was a patio, for people to smoke and chit chat too.

Sis' decoration for her birthday party. Love the photo collage, pretty florals swirled around the staircase railing, and cheery bunting!

Up the spiral staircase to the bedrooms!

This is the huge master bedroom with a balcony that links to the next room.

There are two beds in the next room. One queen bed, one single bed. They also have spare mattress :)

Balcony area~

Of course we had to utilize the BBQ pit that night.

The next morning, we went for breakfast at Changi Village!

With my cutie cousin :) He's so cheery and such a joy!

Bf was tasked to help out with photography that night, so he came by early in the afternoon and we went to Changi Village again for lunch!

Bought afew huge coconuts back too! I love snacking on cold coconut flesh!

Before everyone came, we set up the place with decorations! These are all done by my sister. I think she has a knack for party styling!

Took some snaps at the designated photowall!

As for me, I helped her set up a sweets table! This was my first attempt and I'm quite pleased with the results! How? Chio or not? I went a little overboard and spent more than I should on the decor and fancy plates though.

Closer up. My favourite are the flowers! Also, those floral crepe papers in the wooden rectangular holder.

So glad I managed to find pink striped wafer sticks!

It was tiring setting up the table though! Not so easy!

Party ongoing!

Check out the gorgeous birthday cake!

Next day, we went to Changi Village hawker centre again! Hahaha.

Holidays = Ice Creams everyday

Spent the day playing cards with the family!

Yummy microwaved food!

Then we went home boohoo.
I really like this place and if you have a chance to book it, BOOK IT!


  1. Hi, how to book for this treehouse villa? Thanks.

  2. Where do u book it? I can't seem to find the website to book

  3. Only for SAF regulars... So public unable to book...

  4. Hi! How do you book this villa? And how much is the rate per night? Thank you so much! 😊