Monday, April 11, 2016

New Camera!

One fine day, me and bf discussed about the value of flowers. Bf thinks they are a waste of money because they have no practical use, while I think the price is worth it if it makes your loved one happy. It's especially sweet to receive flowers out of the blue! To me, it meant that at that point in time when he randomly bought that bunch of flowers, he was thinking of me. Hehe. Actually he sometimes buy me little practical things while online shopping for his own stuff, and I appreciate that alot because it has the same meaning as receiving flowers. I guess that's his own practical way of showing love? Haha.

In a bid to blame his practical ways on stinginess, I asked him what he would rather buy for me: an expensive camera or a bunch of flowers (definitely cheaper). He said the camera! Because it's more useful~ Haha. So I said, "Okay! I was just thinking of getting a new camera!"

Hahahaha he walked right into the trap.

In the end I paid for my own camera lah, because I already intended to buy a cheap one for myself. But he sponsored abit!

Tada! My new camera in pink! I was deciding between display set or new set because the difference was around $200+? In the end I got the new one. And soon after, I dropped and broke it. Now there's a chipped corner... Aiyo, should have just gotten the display set right.

So far I quite like this camera! My previous camera was good, especially in low-light situations, but this one has a more crisp-sharp result. One of its weakness is that the photos are slightly yellowish and the start up time is a little slow though. I had to wait awhile for the lens to be ready whenever I switch it on... So sometimes I miss 'the' moment. But it's okay la, nowadays I use my iphone camera more anyway. Hopefully there will come a day when mobile phone camera become alot better than real cameras, so that we all don't have to carry another equipment out!

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