Monday, April 4, 2016

Lao Auntie

Watched Long Long Ago 2 with the family few days back! I love midnight movies! So happening lol.

Shortly after the movie began, I started to wonder if I bought the wrong ticket cos it was showing the exact same scenes as Long Long Ago 1! Quickly took out my tickets to check but correct what, my ticket states Ago 2! Heng ah!

We concluded that they screened the wrong version and after that saw quite a few people checking their tickets too. Lol.

After that some people went out to notify the staff and the staff came in to apologise for the error. The audience started trying their luck and joked "free popcorn?" "free ticket?" "free drinks?" Lol. I love how Singaporeans are so humorous sometimes.

I guess nobody minded it much since it was a midnight movie and most wouldn't have any important plans after that except going home to sleep.

Anyway recently, I bought this ugly but funny sticker to use on Line. My sister and mum immediately bought it too because the expressions are just too accurate.

Let me show you three stickers from this set that I love to use in sequence, just to annoy people. HAHAHA.

And this is what we posted on our group chat. Lol.

Used it on my bf too. Hahaha.

Bf after that said,
"Why you waste money buy this auntie! Lol I want back 啾啾妹! Help!"

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