Thursday, April 14, 2016

Milo Tower

BF wanted to try this Milo tower thingy so last weekend, we had Prata for lunch with Alvin and Keryn!

Before we went, he showed me a photo of the Milo tower from the same place (Srisun Prata) taken by someone else and it was very kuazhang, as though it's almost reaching the ceiling so when I saw the Milo tower for real, I was like "Chey", cos it doesn't look massive at all. But we clearly underestimated it because in the end we cannot finish it between us four! The Milo tower is $16 and I think can make 16 cups from it. Quite cheap actually!

I wanna buy a tower like that and pour ice water inside and put on my table so that I can have water easily within my reach without having to walk to the kitchen to top up my water all the time! Hehehe.

The prata menu was extensive and they even have Kaya Prata and Milo Prata!

Went to play darts again after that! Gave in to temptation and purchased new flights in pink, shafts in gradient purple to white, and tips in light pink!!!! Super love it now!!! So chio! 😍😍😍

After a fun afternoon we had Korean bbq for dinner! Yay!

Me: later will you cut the meat for me?
BF: yea yea I will
Me: ok then, since you insist....


Asked him to help me take pork belly and he said with an astonished look, "pork belly??" while signalling towards my tummy. Omg how dare he!! Lol.

Halfway through the meal, while we were both having chicken wings, he separated the drumlet from his chicken wing and passed me the mid wing portion. Then he took away my chicken wing from my plate to do the same. I was thinking "Wah so sweet" cos he knows I don't like drumlets. Then awhile later, this landed on my plate. Suddenly I felt shortchanged. Hahahaha. He still can give me the sheepish expression when I turn to look at him. Lol.

Yum yum! But I still prefer mookata. Haha.

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