Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Salted Egg Croissant at Antionette

Following the salted egg hype in Singapore awhile back, me and bf went to Antoinette for one of our weekend dates to try their Salted Egg Croissant!

Oozing! Not bad eh, quite nice :) I guess croissants are always nice, even more so when paired with salted egg yolk. Anyway have you all tried the breadtalk version? I love it, especially when heated up with oven just before eating! Plus those are mini-sized, so not too jelat.

Ordered stuffed chicken leg for my main. I seldom go back to the same restaurants twice and when I do, I order the same thing because that's the only reason why I go back again and again. If I like a particular dish, I usually will keep ordering the same one when I go back because I don't want to risk it and have lousy food for one meal. Haha.

Bf's sandwich!

Afterwards we went to play darts! Alvin introduced it to us awhile back and now both me and my BF are hooked! It's quite a fun way to spend the afternoon!

And we both managed to attain the points required to get a free box of darts!

For male its 450 points and female 400.
But both of us made it pass 450.

*achievement* hehehe

These are outdated pics because I already changed the default flights, tips and shaft into chio pink ones! Hahaha.

The only thing I dislike about playing darts is having to pull them off the board after each round and that requires lots of energy! If only the darts will auto drop out into a bowl and given to me. Haha. Like Bowling! The first or second time I played, I cramp for three days!

I especially like this game. Just 1 more number to score before I win!!!

Our fave ramen for dinner.

And a funny comic to end this entry~

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