Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wedding Preparations - Vendor Research

So.... We've decided on our wedding date and venue. Yay! Now that we got the big things done, it's time to start on vendor research!

Looking for recommendations to narrow down our choices...

- Makeup Artist
- Hair Stylist
- Gowns and Suits
- Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Outfits

- Florist
- Styling / Decorator / Props Rental
- Wedding Car Rental
- Photobooth
- Dessert Table / Candy Table
- Wedding Favours
- Printing Company for Invitations
- Emcee
- Wedding Singer

- Photoshoot (All settled! We are going to have it done in Korea later this year. Air tickets and accommodation booked last month. Very efficient hor? Hahaha.)
- Videography (This is to replace the childhood montage clip and I'm still not sure what we should do... Can't do the typical concept video because we don't have a very exciting "How we met" story... What else can we do?)

Actual Day:
- Photography
- Videography

- We want to have our honeymoon out of Asia, but haven't decide where. Suggestions?

- JP (When do I start booking?)
- Jeweler/ Wedding Rings

Did I miss anything? Need to factor in all our potential costs so need to know right from the start what we need to pay for and set aside for them!

Please leave a comment here or email me at the-ice-angel@hotmail.com if you have anyone to recommend, or advice to give, like what questions to ask vendors and details to look out for. Will appreciate it very much! We are also open to collaborations with wedding sponsors if suitable :)

Very excited!!! I'd share more soon!

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  1. Honeymoon ...

    Can consider:
    (1) South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg etc and a Safari Tour. Super beautiful!)
    (2) Iceland (I feel everyone needs to visit Iceland at least once in their life)
    (3) Croatia / Mediterranean area like Greece, Cyprus
    (4) Fiji! (if you like beach-y holidays)
    (5) Campervan trip in South NZ

    I think France/Italy/Spain/Switzerland (ie central Europe) are all very typical honeymoon trips and those places can be visited when you're older as well. I personally feel that the younger we are, the more exotic the places we should visit.

    Florists/Decor: check out FoodnFriendship on insta/FB.

    Wedding Singer: Check out Genevieve Seah

    MUA: Keith Tan (https://www.facebook.com/keithtanweiming) highly recommended

    Gowns/suits/outfits: Can go to BKK to make. Super cheap!

    Rings: go to BKK to get the rings done.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! Will go check them out :)
      You used them for your wedding?

    2. I've been a bridesmaid to a couple of girl friends who used Keith for their MUA. And he's really good. Friendly, funny too!

      Wedding singer, Gen Seah, is a good friend of mine and have personally been to a couple of her gigs. She has sung at a couple of my friends' weddings before as well as at other events too.

      Florist/Decor: FnF is owned by another good friend of mine who's recently been featured on Today Newspaper and was even approached by brands like Burberry to do up their floral decor and canapes.


      Honeymoon locations: Personally been to three of the locations I mentioned and OH MY GOD, Iceland is da bombz. Haha.

      Have fun planning your wedding! It's going to be great!

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