Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy Father's Day with Oral B

Every year when Mother's Day comes around, there'd be many commercials and hype around the occasion. Father's Day, however, never had the same treatment. I guess the reason for this is because traditionally, fathers are supposed to be the stern and serious one. However, in my family, we always celebrate both occasions with the same importance! We are not the type that shows our affection openly, but I'd say my family is quite close knitted. I always share my thoughts with my dad and sometimes we'd have long talks over dinner. However, it's always not easy to get gifts for my dad unless he specifically request for something!

He's a gadget type of man so we usually give him tech-related items. We just got him a sound bar as his advanced Father's Day gift, but when I got to know about Oral-B's electric toothbrush, I thought, "Oh ya? it's also a type of gadget right? Why haven't I thought about gifting this before?!!" So yep, he gets a new electric toothbrush this year. Hehe.

A special gift to show my appreciation for him! The shirt he's wearing here was a shirt that me and my sister gave him for Father's Day many years back. Behind This Shirt Is The Best Dad in The World! Haha I told him our pose machiam I give him a prize for being the Best Dad in The World.

More about the Oral-B power toothbrush! No need to introduce Oral-B, everyone knows Oral-B is a leading toothbrush brand!

The entire kit comes with a charging stand for the toothbrush, as well as two other brushes.

The three different brushes have different modes. Daily clean, sensitive, and polish. People like me will need to use the sensitive brush which has extra soft bristles because my gum is more prone to bleeding if I brush too hard. But I'd be so tempted to use Polish too because I want white teeth! Maybe can alternate! Anyway there's also an indicator which lights up when brushing too hard. Such gentle loving care on the teeth!

Do you know that Oral-B pioneered the oscillating-rotating power technology in 1991 and has incorporated it into its premium power toothbrushes range ever since? The power brush's oscillating rotating technology cups each tooth separately for a precise and thorough clean to remove 100% more plaque than manual toothbrushes by breaking up the plaque and rotating to sweep it away. It also reduces gingivitis more effectively and gives a dentist clean feeling everyday without having to go through the nerves or pain from visiting a dentist! This is really awesome especially for dads who do not like going to the dentist! Plus electric brushes are so fun to use! Don't have to worry about your dad not knowing how to use because it's super simple!

Gift your dad a power smile this father's Day with Oral-B power brush!

You can get it conveniently from this link.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Oral-B

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