Sunday, July 3, 2016


Bf has been wanting to visit Orto ever since he chanced upon an article online about this place, so yesterday we went together with Alvin and WS!

Orto is a huge leisure park open to the public 24 hours a day with many recreational activities and restaurants, suitable for families and friends to gather and spend an entire day.

Our first activity was prawning!

We paid for 2 hours of prawning at $30 per rod and they allocated us to a crowded corner.

So amused by the marinated baits... We took the original chicken liver though. Logically, these aren't the flavors that attract prawns in nature right?

In mere minutes, WS caught 4 prawns! Meanwhile, bf has yet to even catch one. hahaha.

Not sure our skill lousy or what, but in two hours we only caught 10 prawns with two rods... So means each prawn $6. Haha. To be fair, in the first hour we did see quite a lot of prawns being hooked up by other people. Then it started to slow down towards the end of the first hour. Then they poured in a new batch and we thought it'd be easier but the catch for the 2nd hour was still quite miserable for everyone.

There was another pond, for fishing!

It was super exciting! Within like 5-10 minutes, this guy caught THREE fishes one after another!!!!

After prawning, we went to check out the other activities!

I remember being really scared of longkang fishing as a kid.... Not sure why so many kids love it. Haha. The longkang fishing here is slightly different from the ones I went to before, because the kids can walk inside the water while catching the fishes. I didn't see alot of fishes in the water but I did see the kids bringing home lots of fishes in their water bag.

Some people playing futsal but I seriously don't know how they can do that under such a hot weather. Haha. The sun was terrible yesterday!

Time for trampoline at Katapult!! Our first time!

$2 for a pair of really nice socks. The color in my size is actually green but I didn't want that color so I took the bigger yellow one. Haha. I want pink ones!

This park is way smaller than the one we saw the other day. And more crowded too.

There's this free fall platform which the guys tried! Two platforms of different height and they took the higher one. Bf told me that it's actually quite scary hahaha. And for him to say it's scary, it must be really scary because hardly anything scares him!

So tempted to try but I don't dare lah haha.

Alvin in mid-air. Haha.

Basketball corner.

Time passed really fast... Initially I thought we will be bored within afew minutes cos it's just jumping around.

Was so tired after trampoline!!! Good and easy exercise!

Dinner time!

We went to Taste Garden because the dining area is air-conditioned. But they are all reserved and we had to sit outside.... Omg super hot!

But we were really very thirsty already so we ordered drinks first while waiting for the buffet to start. They have ala-carte menu and buffet to choose from. We were very tempted by the huge bowl of longan dessert that's why we chose buffet hahaha.

Lychee soda!

The buffet is a little like those home catering variety, but quite nice lah!

The eclairs were really good! Oh and guess what, we felt really stupid ordering the lychee soda because the longan dessert included in the buffet, inside got lychee!!!

That sums up our fun-filled day at Orto! There is also Paintball, but we were so tired already.

If you are interested to visit too, the address is:
81 Lorong Chencharu #01-01
Singapore 769198

Before going to Orto, we also tried Mcdonald's new menu! The much hyped salted egg yolk chicken burger was quite a disappointment though. Chicken is juicy but the sauce is a little watery and bland.

Luckily i chose to have my favourite McSpicy! Never goes wrong! (Hehe yea this is how I eat my McSpicy! I like it without the bread without the sauce without the veggie. Just the patty, with a fork and knife!)

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