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Our Wedding Banquet & Playlist

Photos from our typical wedding banquet!

Moment before our first march in....

The best moment for me that day, was our first march in. It was a special and magical feeling having all my loved ones cheering for us while we walked down the aisle. We walked in to "How Long Will I Love You"... We chose this song for its romantic lyrics and melody! We wanted to walk in slowly but after looking at our actual day video, I realize we walked quite fast. Haha.

For our first course presentation, we decided to do something different. Instead of the gaudy music usually used with flashy lights, we decided to go for a funny Hokkien song '痴情玫瑰花'! We liked that it's like a more modern version of an old fashioned song, which fits the tradition of a Chinese banquet! It's also a love song, so quite appropriate also!

While the rest were served their deluxe appetizer, we had a surprise for one table - his NCC friends! They were issued food rations, an inside joke with the screenshot of a related passing comment that one of them said in a facebook post a long time ago. Bet he forgotten all about it already before this!

Of course they still got to eat the real deluxe appetizer in the end. lol.

Caught Audrey and Chelsea for a photo outside the ballroom when I got back after changing my gown for 2nd march in!

I got Shannon and Jaye to be my emcees and I got several guests asking me if I hired professional hosts! Shannon speaks good English and Jaye, in charge of the Chinese script, has a radio-dj worthy voice. Am so lucky to have talented friends! I knew right from the start that I wanted both of them to be my emcees and I'm thankful for their help!

For our 2nd march in, we walked in to "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You", because it's our proposal song~

I initially wanted to not have any smoke machine for our march in but then decided that it will not affect much so I let it be. However after looking at these photos I really regret having it! It's too much until cannot see my gown clearly :(

Morning highlights by Istudio Productions on screen. Will share the videos with you all soon!

With his family...

With my family...

With the lehbin peeps missing Amber! When I first know them, the two babies in this pic weren't even created yet and now we have 5 kids in the clique!

The bloggers' table - not everyone here is a blogger but I got to know them through blogging somehow! Photo missing Elaine, who had to leave earlier! Luckily we managed to take photos together at the photobooth!

And this table, my closest friends from way way way back! Except Clare, but she's crazy like my girls so she fits in here.

Everyone I invited has a meaningful place in my heart so I'm happy that all the friends who said they'd come really showed up! I didn't have to deal with any last minute cancellations with crappy excuses - thank goodness!

This is me rescuing my husband from his evil friends who want him to down alcohol. hahaha.

Time flew by and it was time to say goodbye already!

A family photo but missing my uncle's family as he went off already.

Many of my guests commented that they love my playlist so I shall share it here!

I was very careful in picking out my songs and even went to check all the lyrics to make sure everything is positive first! Haha. Most are Chinese songs though, I resonate with them better more!

We are not those romantic type of couple and we expect that the wedding would be more celebratory than formal, so we had mostly happy upbeat songs!

I segmented my playlist into 3 sets. All these songs can be found on Spotify!

1) Pre-banquet Background Music
Songs on loop while guests take their seats. Most of them are the same type of romantic love songs that I do not have particular attachment for.... so I put them into this set. Haha.

- Fly Me to the Moon, Olivia Ong
- La Vie En Rose, Daniela Andrade
- L-O-V-E, Olivia Ong
- Lover's Concerto, Kelly Chen
- Bubbly, Colbie Caillat
- Have I Told You Lately, Rod Stewart
- Can't Help Falling in Love, Haley Reinhart

2) 1st Half of Wedding

Emcee's introduction to the wedding:
- 嫁给我,杜德伟

1st March In:
- How Long Will I Love You, Ellie Goulding

Cake Cutting:
- 结婚进行曲, 世界名曲古典珍藏集Vol.14
- A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson

First Course Presentation:
- 痴情玫瑰花,Underlover (Hokkien)

The first song is my top favourite, I feel very touched whenever I listen to this song! Songs in this list are mostly just sweet, in-love type of songs that aren't too upbeat nor too slow!
- 我结婚了,钟嘉欣 (Cantonese)
- Through The Years, Kenny Rogers
- Two Less Lonely Poeple In The World, Air Supply
- 喜欢你,陈洁仪
- 最重要的约定,范玮琪
- Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion
- Marry Me, Jason Derulo
- 简单爱,周杰伦
- Beautiful in White, Matt Johnson
- Will You Marry Me?, June Seung Jin (Korean)
- Top of The World, Carpenters
- Endless Love, Lionel Richie
- From This Moment On, Shania Twain

3) 2nd Half of Wedding

2nd March In:
- Nothing's Going to Change My Love For You, Westlife

Champagne Toast
- Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding
- I Knew I Loved You, Savage Garden

Couple's Speech
- 就是爱你,陶喆

I liked the intro of this song, so it marks the start of the rest of the set! Most of the songs are upbeat and happy songs, with a series of duets and ending off the wedding with celebratory songs!
- 你是我老婆,任贤齐
- 甜甜的,周杰伦
- 手牵手,吴奇隆
- 你被写在我的歌里,苏打绿
- 只对你有感觉,飞轮海
- 今天你要嫁给我,蔡依林
- 恋爱频率,许志安
- 园游会,周杰伦
- Touch My Heart, 罗志祥
- Will You Marry Me, June Seung Jin
- 爱的就是你,王力宏
- Beautiful Love, 蔡健雅
- Shut Up and Dance, Walk The Moon
- I Don't Want To Miss a Thing, Aerosmith

We had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing vendors for our wedding and I'm ever so thankful for the sponsorship and support given. Each of them made my wedding much better than I expected.

Actual Day Main Photography:Kevin Ho

Actual Day Secondary Photography:NinebySG


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Bridesmaid Dresses:Hollyhoque

Gowns and Suit:Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio

Groomsmen Outfits:Onesimplegown

Bridal Nails:Milly's

Wedding Essentials:Ezbuy
(Free $10 shopping credit)

Designs:Joanne Chia

Catering for Guo Da Li:Foodline
(Apply code FLEXWED38 for $38 off)

Wedding Favors:MacaronsSG

Bachelorette Party:Studio M Hotel

Venue Styling:Eventtually
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Candy Bar:The Lair Weddings

Flowers:The Flower Godmother

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