Thursday, June 8, 2017

Green Hair at Zeal Salon

Taking a break from all that wedding entries. So many photos to sort for the banquet and I'm feeling lazy already! Haha.

So anyway, I've always had long hair but due to the wedding, I allowed it to grow beyond my usual length so that it can still be long after being curled. Eventually, it became too much to handle and for once, I can't wait to get it shortened!

Right after the wedding and honeymoon, I went to Zeal Salon and asked to bleach my hair and dye it green. Why green? Because I've done red, blue, blonde, gold, pink, purple, but never done green before. So green it shall be! My hairstylist also helped to trim my hair and it was back to the perfect length. Suddenly I don't want to cut anymore! And the thing is, the more I bleach, the smoother my hair became. Actually I wanted to bleach and damage the lower part of the hair before I cut (make the cut worth it) but in the end my plan backfired. Haha.

After it faded, I went for another dye session and it became this gorgeous shade of dark teal. Super love! It would be nicer if I dyed the entire head this colour but I didn't want to bleach everything.

And last month, I finally got my hair snipped off! How do I look? Hehe.

Only $99 for haircut + dye at @zealsalon, ANY LENGTH. Call 63330337 to enquire and appointment for this promo!

Address: 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village
Call: 6333 0337

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