Saturday, June 3, 2017

Photo Booth by Fourstops

We had a photo booth set up by Fourstops at our wedding and I'm super in love with all our printouts! My guests had so much fun with the photo booth while waiting for the banquet to start.

It was amusing to see my grandparents taking photos at the booth too!

My mum and her friends! They don't always take photos together like that during usual gatherings so it was a good opportunity to have a nice one taken!

We came down late and it was almost time to start the banquet but I made sure I had snaps taken at the photo booth first! Most of my friends have already went into the ballroom but I had them come back out. Hahaha.

Me and my pretty bridesmaids!

With my mother's clique.

There is a big monitor right in front so that guests can easily check out how they look and adjust their pose! The crew in charge will also help to adjust your position to ensure the photos turn out nice! There were some photos with twelve pax squeezed in a single shot but no backdrop edges captured in frame. That shows how professional they are!

High quality instant prints are then slotted into envelopes for guests' collection. They also keep hi-res images in digital format for the couple to download via an online link after the wedding. This makes it easier for couples to share these soft copy photos with families and friends too. By the way, the printouts are UNLIMITED!! Just take as many shots as you please!

There are several backdrops to choose from, ranging from solid colours to glam glittery gold, you can definitely find something that fits your theme! I chose light wood plants to match our dreamy garden theme. There is also a darker version of this wood design available but I wanted something more girly than earthy so I chose this one.



This is the most important. There are plenty of vendors out there but honestly, very few of them deliver quality results. I've been to many events and weddings and honestly, some of them have horrible printouts. Sometimes the photos turn out dark and grainy, sometimes too bright, sometimes the lighting is so bad and unflattering on everyone's face, sometimes the frame looks detached from the photo, etc. Generally just very meh and phone camera quality.

So my main criteria for our photo booth was that it MUST churn out high-quality printouts. Else what's the point, might as well ask my photographer to take the photos, even better.

To be honest, I have never heard of Fourstops Photobooth before my sister's friend recommended them but I knew I wanted them the moment I saw the photos they took at previous events. Apparently they are very popular in the industry and it's not hard to see why!

Just look at these snaps. Well lit, sharp, and consistent. I think this is their major strength and the reason why they are so highly recommended. The printouts look EXACTLY like these too. Really, it's very important to have good photos if you are going to pay hundreds for a photo booth.

With my lovely bridesmaids.

Randy, Ben, and Isaac!

Dearest girlfriends I met through blogging.

Got the groom in for a shot too!

My favourite clique, missing Amber.

Solo pics with each bridesmaid, except for Chelsea who was busy running after baby Brooklyn. Hahahaha. Same pose for all because I found the best angle and stayed there throughout. Hehe.

Mum's friends~

With Cassandra~

Bride and groom with Ruoxuan and her beau.

And most importantly, my family!

I'm glad we had a photobooth else I don't think we have time for such nice photos once the banquet starts! Selfies are just not the same!

And what's a photobooth without cutesy props?  There were plenty to choose from! Fourstops can also CUSTOMIZE PROPS for different couples too. For example, the wedding logo, or if you both met in school, then can have a school-theme prop, or if you are both air crews, can have a huge passport cut out, etc.

My cousins playing around with the unique props!

Sophie looking sweet with bunny ears!

Cardboard props~

And finally, a photo of us with me holding a huge Xi and him exclaiming that he survived the gatecrash! hehe.

Besides photo booths, Fourstops also have roving photography packages, IG hashtag instaprints, live projection, and other services!

Call 8718 1895 or email to to enquire for rates.
Remember to quote ESTHERXIE for special prices!

More information on the website

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