Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wedding Preparations - Theme and Colours

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Wedding Theme and Colours

I have always liked white and gold weddings, so when I initially pictured my own, I thought of something 45% white, 45% rose gold, and 10% pink. To achieve this look without overspending, I'd first have to find a venue that already looks good without decorations... places with chandeliers, gold tablecloth or chairs as the default...

In the end we selected Marriott Hotel for our wedding but the plain ballroom isn't exactly what I envisioned for our wedding....

This is how it looks like from the back.

After looking at the different decor themes provided by the hotel, we are most likely to get this one that is mainly pink and florals. I prefer drapes more than fairy lights for the stage backdrop, and I also don't really fancy those fishbowl aisle stands and coloured light-boxes but this is the nicest decor out of all the others available.

We will follow the above style as base for our other decorations.

Theme: Dreamy Florals
Colours: 45% White, 30% Shades of Pink, 15% Pastels of other colours, and 10% Rose Gold!

I'd try to have more gold but I'm not very sure how I can add it in. I know of some brides who DIY their decorations by using gold glitter spray on glass bottles and boards but I don't really wanna do all these things myself because I know how tiring it would be! Haha.

Here's a colour palette board of the look I hope to achieve.

It might be a little too pink though... I think I will add more florals here and there.... The more flowers the merrier!

After researching around, I started having a liking towards weddings with darker lighting and lots of fairy lights though... Totally different from the above style!

Okay I still have time to decide. Shall go check out more wedding sites! Hehe.

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