Saturday, July 30, 2016

Q2 2016

Here's an update with random photos from recent months :)

Starting off with this one from today!

Craving for fried food so badly because I've been sick and eating bland food for the past week. I know I probably shouldn't eat this when I've yet to fully recover, but who can resist yummy chicken???

Today's outfit:

For bf's birthday this year, I brought him to Gyu Kaku. Quite nice eh! Wanna go back again!

Gifted him a drone with videograph function!

And in return he gave me this tiny drone hahaha. It's difficult to control though.

Met Nadia for lunch several times over the past few months and she introduced me to this yummy rice bowl at Pasar Bella near my work place!

Went to Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar with Hannah and Asyiqin! Luckily bf came along because it was so crowded and immediately after buying our food, we quickly retreated back to his car to eat instead! The food were so good thoough.... We bought this super huge fried tandoori chicken and super huge fried sotong, it took quite a awhile because they fry upon order but so worth it.

Good news, two new outlets at Milly's!

Suntec City (HQ) - 62386216
Jem - 67346216 *NEW
Plaza Singapura - 62526216 *NEW
Bugis Cube - 6337 6876
Far East Plaza - 67376723

Caught up with the recent trend and got liquid metallic colours done at Milly's!

Another set done recently. Really like this design!

Got my Rich and Good swissroll cravings satisfied with the new LaborMe app! This easy to use app allows users to pay someone to run errands, do your chores, queue for tarts, etc. Basically, it's a perfect app for people like me who rather pay for convenience and save precious time. Alternatively, u can also sign up as a tasker to earn extra in your free time! The minimum bid is $5, which is very affordable, considering the two hours u save to get those tarts! I got someone to get these rolls for me with an extra $8, which I think is quite worth it since the shop closes before I end work anyway. And even a cab to get there cost more than that. Damn awesome. Now, the app just needs more users and taskers like you!

Skirt from TheClosetLover! Like it very much but slightly loose.... But if one size down too tight haha so bobian lor.

The day I regretted ordering this because it was too spicy. Haha.

First time trying dry ramen with dipping sauce at Torimaru.

This one from a meet up with Fiona and her bridesmaids before the wedding. It was fun being one of her bridesmaid! Waiting to receive the official photos from her wedding so that I can share more!

We planned a hen's night for her which started off quite tame with cakes and presents....

And ended with a night of blindfold, alcohol, and games. Quite lenient to her because I scared she revenge when it's my turn. Hahaha. Glad she had fun! Sad that Mai couldn't join us:(


The day I wore out my 100yen dress from Shibuya, Japan! Yes SGD1.20 for a brand new dress!!

Afterwards we went to watch a movie and I was such happy girl when I saw the new addition on Cathay's menu - Fried Midwings!!!!! I was so sad when my fave chicken chunks at Cathay cinema got replaced with another type of chicken bites years back. But ok la still got fried chicken, I accept. Then few months back, they eliminated it completely off the menu!!! :( :( so sad cos no other cinema chain in SG serve chicken bites for movies. So glad they reintroduced fried chicken back.

Attended ZA's event with Nadia, Jacelyn and Fidelis for their new lip crayons!

Immediately played with the new lip crayons as soon as I got home and I love the colours!

Dress code was 'a pop of pink' so this was my OOTD!

Another weekend with bf and his friends! This time, we are going to play badminton! Went to my favourite ramen place for lunch first! BF ate 5 eggs in total. Siao one.

Snapchat's deceiving filter. Haha.

Booked a court to play badminton and it was quite shiok! So much fun and an easier way to exercise as compared to running or gyming! The court had the "boiling chocolate" smell lei. It felt like we are playing Badminton in a chocolate factory. Hahahah.

Since it was "sporty" day, I had to find something casual to wear and that's quite non-existent in my wardrobe but my order from Taiwan arrived just in time the night before!

My new 啾啾妹 shirt! Hehe it's more expensive than my usual dresses, but I really like 啾啾妹 mah....

Close up of my adorable 啾啾妹.

Met up with Clare again~ What was supposed to be Korean BBQ dinner ended up becoming Pastamania -_-

She got me some gifts from her trip to Korea and these chocolates were really cute and very nice!

This from another day with bf and Alvin. We went to try this modern zichar place called Big Lazy Chop, which sounded quite vulgar in Chinese - Da Lan Pai. Lol.

Surprise breakfast from bf~

I was craving for duck confit so the very next day, we went to satisfy that! Yum yum! Good food makes everything better.

Bf's mushroom soup which looked like coffee. It was tasty though.

I prefer their lobster pasta though, which I had on my first visit but subsequently they changed to this.

Chicken roulade

And desserts~

Afterwards we went to Marriott's wedding showcase.

The stage is placed at a different side of the ballroom this time, which got us contemplating whether we wanna do a L-shape walk in instead of straight so that we can walk longer. Hahahahah. Eh not me ok, BF is the one who want to slowly enjoy the moment hor. Maybe he got 明星梦 and this is one rare chance for him to walk on red carpet and have all eyes on him. Lol.

Was so excited about the showcase for the few weeks leading up to it because I look forward to anything wedding related. Hahahaha.

Definitely going for gold plating instead of these silver ones.... My visualization of the wedding is gonna be mostly white, shades of pink, and gold! And lots of flowers I hope!

Afterwards we watched the bridal fashion show and there was this one model who is sooooooo pretty, I think I finally understood love at first sight. Lol.

After that, they announced the first lucky draw winner and they called out our names!

Wah Wah Wah! Was so happy leh. One of the reasons why I wanted to attend the showcase although we already confirmed Marriott, was also because I wanna participate in the lucky draw (and win) and we really won something!!! Although we didn't win the grand prize which is $5000 off banquet bill, but better than nothing lah! I felt so relax throughout the showcase after that. Hahahaha.

Our BTO block and unit number have appeared as winning numbers on 4D before too, so when I think about all this, I think we are really meant to be. Hahahahah. The stupid thing is both of us didn't buy the numbers. But know that it is Huat number already very happy!

The thing is, they didn't announce what we won at the event...  So when we receive the prize via courier, we were like... "errrrr what kind of prize is this?"

It's quite lame to be honest. $300 voucher for this particular bridal studio, with minimum spending of $3500. 

First, of course I will be very happy to get this discount IF I wanted to sign with said bridal studio or if it was a door gift for all attending the event. But it's a different thing altogether to impose a minimum spending for a lucky draw PRIZE. it's like I tell you, "hey you won our lucky draw but you gotta spend 10 times more to redeem it!" -.-

2nd, what about people who already signed a bridal studio before attending the showcase? It'd be so unnecessary to spend another few thousands just to redeem our prize. At least if it's a voucher without minimum spending, we can perhaps choose to rent one gown or something and top up the difference if not enough, or perhaps I will like their service so much and buy a whole new package. It feels better this way lah, when it's not forced.

We already have a bridal studio settling our gowns and prewedding shoot, so we definitely do not want to get another package. The bridal shop was quite inflexible with the minimum spending term when we contacted them about it. The way they handled the issue (super bochup tone) really left a bad impression on me.... To think at first I even thought that their gowns and photographs quite nice!

This prize is like no prize lor. I'd very much rather get a lower value one which I can at least redeem. What a disappointment.

Some food presentation of the food at Marriott.

I feel like there're lots to worry for the actual day though. So many things could go wrong and I really hope we can have a smooth wedding journey and for everything to go as planned. (and of course smooth marriage afterwards lah but one thing at a time lol)

Fingers crossed!


Family dinner at Ikea~


On father's day we went to have Dad's favourite buffet!


Zichar with bf's friends again~ This time we went back to the yummy codfish place that we all liked very much the first time we went. They've since moved to a coffeeshop setting~

Prawn paste is a must-order at all zichar places!

Saw customers ordering these purple drinks so we ordered it too~ Looks sweet right... But actually tasted abit like barley. Forgot what it really is though.


Another ootd from another random day which I forgot. Haha.

Bf finally brought me to eat frog porridge again! Sis and WS joined us too. The oyster omelette was soooooo good, the meal was so enjoyable although I had a sorethroat that day. Lets do this again soon!

Then we had durians nearby. PERFECT.


Weijun's 21st birthday chalet! Love chalets because I get to eat BBQ food. Hehe.

Dad photobombed my selfie.

Seeing him and his friends having fun, I wished I was young again!

A family photo to round up this entry! :)

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