Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Japan - Kyoto

I procrastinated quite a bit before completing this blog entry because there were just too many photos to upload. How I wish there's a mass-upload function that auto assembles according to time taken so that I can just drag and drop everything.

Kyoto is just too beautiful, and I couldn't resist clicking on the camera shutter to capture everything I see.

There are many cultural attractions in Kyoto and Kinkakuji Temple is one of them.

The iconic golden pavilion! This photo is so postcard worthy! The surrounding scenery is different in every season - Pink for Spring, Green for Summer, Orange for Autumn and White for Winter.

It was so crowded!

We managed to find a nice spot after a group of tourists vacated it and we got nice photos infront!

Exactly the same as the mochi emoji on whatsapp.

If you ever visit, make sure you buy the matcha ice cream here.

We bought the Matcha Vanilla cone. It's the best matcha ice cream I ever had! The sweetness was just the right amount and there's no siapsiap taste like normal green tea.

Afterwards we took some time to see a Kimono costume show after driving through Gion trying to catch a glimpse of any real geisha!

We had lunch at a restaurant along this street... Not sure about the exact location though. Haha.

Love this photos of us!

Took one for dad too.

Went to visit the Kiyomizu Temple after that. There were shops leading up and it reminded me of Taiwan's Jiufen.

Sakura blooms!! And we all took turns to take photos infront of it haha.

Kyoto is so gorgeous, anyhow snap also so many nice photos!

Cleansing before entering.

There was a long queue at the Otowa Waterfall and we joined too. Each of the water stream represents love, longevity and success. Visitors would use the cup to collect the water and drink from it. There's a UV sanitizer, so it's quite hygienic lah. So anyway, some people say can only choose from one stream but most people drank from all three streams. Our guide also told us no such thing and encouraged us to drink from all three. Yes, I believe the three can co-exist and why would I want to limit myself to only one if I can have all three? Haha.

"This is this pathway where there are a pair of "love stones" placed 18 meters apart, which visitors can try to walk between with their eyes closed. Success in reaching the other stone with their eyes closed implies that the pilgrim will find love, or true love. One can be assisted in the crossing, but this is taken to mean that a go-between will be needed. The person's romantic interest can assist them as well." 

It's a crowded pathway so it's not easy without assistance! After my sister reached the other end with the help of our guide, she opened her eyes to see two cute japanese guys cheering and clapping for her. HAHAHA. So accurate huh. I also did it and guess what.... I got proposed to within the month after I came back from Japan. Lol.

Wooden wishing plaques.

"O-mikuji are random fortunes written on strips of paper in Japanese temples. When the prediction is bad, it is a custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree or a wall of metal wires alongside other bad fortunes in the temple or shrine grounds, the idea being that the bad luck will wait by the tree rather than attach itself to the bearer. In the event of the fortune being good, the bearer has two options: he or she can also tie it to the tree or wires so that the fortune has a greater effect or he or she can keep it for luck. O-mikuji are available at most shrines, and remain one of the traditional activities related to shrine-going."

After everything, we went to check out the shops nearby!

Many variations of rice cakes.

Chicken kaarage! So yums!

This sums up my time at Kyoto! I had a good time and although I don't have much to write, the photos reminded me of how much I enjoyed myself in Kyoto.

Hope I'd be back again soon!

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