Saturday, July 9, 2016


^^ Can totally see this happening in future.
Think I should preempt him. lol

BF told me that his initial plan for proposal was to bring me up on a private jet and propose to me there while his friend flies the plane.

Damn funny, he say if I say no then he will push me down from there. Hahahaha. So evil.

I think my love for my bf became stronger after the proposal. Like, I feel more committed now? (But I still like Jerry Yan very much hahahaha). I'm really looking forward to the wedding, to the honeymoon, to staying together, to building our future, to vacations around the world together, etc.

Wedding update, I'm excited for our prewedding photoshoot in Korea! I think we will be doing our prewedding video in Korea too, since we are already gonna be there. It's will replace the childhood montage since I don't have much feels for that.

Counting down to end of July because I'm going for my first gown fitting. Very excited! Actually I feel there's nothing much to do now? Am speaking to a few vendors but haven't confirmed any. Giving myself from now till 5 months before the wedding to decide. Is it too late by then? Haha.

Most of the tasks on my checklist are in the last few months leading up to the wedding and we gotta discount some festive weeks like Christmas and CNY. Think we will be more busy then and time will fly pass. Can't wait!

Supposed to blog about Kyoto today but I lazed the entire day away. Haha so actually all the text above I copy paste from my recent entries in Dayre. Follow me there for more random updates! :)

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