Saturday, July 23, 2016

Japan - Nagoya

Back to update a short Nagoya post - mainly my experience with Japan's Shinkansen (bullet train)!

Here we are, at a crowded supermarket / food court. We aren't at Nagoya yet... Just on our way to Gifu Hashima station, where we'd take the bullet train to Nagoya.

In Japan, we get excited even in a mart because there're so many interesting things to see! Grocery shopping and preparing meals in Japan must be so fun. I wonder how the housewives control themselves and not overspend. Everything looks tempting.

Pretty packaging even for rice bento! If I live in Japan, I'd probably struggle everyday between opening up my box to eat or leaving it as a pretty display on my dining table. Haha. Can you imagine our chicken rice and char kway teow packaged so nicely???

We saw these and purchased some to try!

Starbucks overseas always look nicer than Starbucks in Singapore. I wonder why.

We were very cold so we decided to get some hot coffee! Instead of starbucks, we got canned coffee from a vending machine nearby! Mainly for the cheap thrill of buying from a Japanese vending machine hahaha.

Hot canned coffee, which was quite nice! There were several types to choose from... We just randomly chose something good-looking.

Here we are at Gifu-Hashima Station!!

But first, some simple fare for dinner nearby!

Time for my first bullet train experience!

First time, so must take photos of everything. Hahaha. That's my sis snapchatting as she pass the gantry too. But 24 hours has passed and her video is gone. Blogging is still the best lah! Lol.

Photos for memory!

I didn't dare to stand too near the yellow line because it was extremely scary. Especially as I'm so not used to open platforms ever since Singapore started to build barriers in all MRT stations.

We all shrieked with excitement when a train zoomed passed us in the middle track without stopping because IT WAS SO FAST. And very loud! It went by in seconds and everyone had the "wow" look on our faces. Very sua-ku I know, but it was quite a high moment for us.

Our train is here! Towards Nagoya and Tokyo. If we missed our stop, it means "bye bye see you in Tokyo" already. Haha. Anyway, the door is really small? Only one person can come out or go in at the same time. What if there's a big family and only half manage to go in/ get out before door closes? Or like, so many people get out until when it's your turn to get in, the door closes? Then late for work liao! Lol. Luckily Gifu-Hashima station was quite quiet that night and we all managed to get up safely. Haha.

It was instantly quiet the moment we entered the train. No noisy commuters... It felt almost like being on a plane, but more comfortable.

It was total silence inside even when the train moved. It also didn't feel like it was moving very fast. Felt exactly like our MRT, except smoother. It's certainly nice to travel long distances this way!

When we reached Nagoya station, it was significantly more crowded. So many people!

The view that greeted us when we exit the station.... This tree with white flowers looked almost like a giant bunch of baby breaths.

Our hotel in Nagoya was Sakae Tokyu Rei.

I like how Japanese breakfast are generally quite light, but it got a little repetitive after few days.

Ending here~ Will be back soon with more updates!

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