Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I've decided not to bother about those who don't bother.

As I age, my social circle become smaller and smaller. I stopped making new friends because I tend to stay in my comfort zone. I am actually very talkative if we are on the same wavelength, but I seldom make the effort to go past the small talk stage so I hardly even get to the point of discovering any chemistry. Like relationships, I prefer to 日久生情. This also means I make friends only when I am confined to interact with someone for a significant period of time.

Sometimes when I look back on my youth, I miss some of the friends im no longer close to. Fortunately, I didn't lose them due to arguments.... But rather, we just drifted apart. To a point where it's almost awkward to talk anymore.

I sometimes find it a pity because I knew how happy I was at that time. But I know I did my best to strengthen the friendships, and some things are beyond my control.

Therefore, I'm very thankful for those that always make it a point to catch up with me once in awhile. I admit that I seldom ever initiate a meet up because of my busy schedule, but I also seldom ever miss a gathering and will always try to make it if someone asks me out.

Occasionally, I still feel sad over the friendships that faded away. But I know all I can do is cherish those who bother. And I will always love the people who were once, for a long period of time, very close to me.

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