Sunday, August 7, 2016

Japan - Mt Fuji

The happiest moments of our trip to Japan, would most probably be at Mt Fuji, because this is where we saw and played with falling snow for the first time.

We were intending to go Mt Fuji 5th Station like all other tourists, but due to a last minute change, we visited a Ski Resort instead. Even so, we did not expect to see falling snow because we were in between seasons. Just a day ago we saw Sakura and that itself is almost a miracle already. So can you imagine how happy we were that we got to experience both?

En route to Mt Fuji, we dropped by this mart, which like all Japanese marts, exceeded the expectations of a mart.

This creamy puff looked so yummy!

We went into this shop and found cheap gloves at around a dollar each. Our fingers were freezing so we decided to buy a pair each, though these are probably gardening gloves and not winter gloves. Haha. But still, we got it at such a good price. They came in useful when we played with snow afterwards. So timely!

Even the toilet has an indicator to show which cubicle is occupied .... Machiam carpark!

I really like how toilets in Japan are so clean. Sometimes when I travel overeseas, I hate going to the public washrooms because the are usually very dirty. Even in Singapore, some toilets make me rather hold it in till I get home.

Next, we went to Peace Park. It was raining heavily and we had to take turns to share the umbrella as the area is not sheltered.

Bought some strawberries and grapes too.

Time for lunch at a restaurant nearby!

And some shopping afterwards. Lots of souvenirs but I decided to just buy everything in the airport. Kind of regret because the souvenirs at the airport are quite typical, while all these stops at individual cities had more unique stuff. And the packaging were equally nice too!

Bought some mochi here.

On to our next stop, Gotemba Premium Outlets!

It was a such a rainy day. The rest got themselves discounted sports shoes from Nike/Adidas, while I was tempted to purchase a wallet from Tory Burch but eventually I didn't. Haha.

The guys rested in the food court while we girls shop... Saw this! Singapore Chicken Rice.

Okay here comes the exciting part!

After leaving the premium outlets, we traveled for some time before we entered a tunnel.

And the moment we exit the tunnel, the whole place was snow!!!! We all went "WAH!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOAAAHHHHHH~~" Lol. Too excited already!

The snow pictures looked like black and white photos ya? Haha. There are some residents around the area and their cars are totally covered in snow. It's quite fun to experience snow for a few days but I cannot imagine having to go through the inconveniences of being surrounded by snow for an entire season!

The snow felt like Ice-Kachang!

We did not pack any winter clothing because this wasn't on our itinerary. So everyone just piled on layers of their thickest coats. I think I had three layers on!

There were some wet puddles on the floor and I geh-kiang, go step on the fresh white snow instead.... End up I got even more wet because it was very soft and my entire feet sunk in. Lol.

Group photo with the family! Luckily my camera managed to withstand the cold! We threw snowballs at each other after that and it was so fun!

Hot drink from the vending machine afterwards to warm ourselves!

Time to retreat back to the hotel!

It's a traditional room which reminded me of Doraemon. Haha.

View from the balcony. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

They prepared this in each room for us to wear for dinner!

My grandparents!

Me and my sis!

There is a nice backdrop at the dining area so we took photos first!

How? I look demure or not? Haha.

It was a sumptuous feast and I like how everything is in many small portions. The dishwasher so poor thing, so many bowls to wash!

Fresh yummy sashimi!

There is an onsen which the others went after dinner, but I didn't lah haha. Shy leh everyone can see each other totally undressed!

Nobody there yet so I took this photo~ Of course cameras aren't allowed when it's occupied.

When we got back to our rooms, they already laid out the floor beds for us~ The room felt very comfortable and homely!

Breakfast's view!

View from the window... Such breathtaking scenery.

The snow stopped falling the next day already.... So mean we were really lucky to have caught it while it lasted.

I wanted to go up to the balcony but we had to leave already... Only after we left the hotel, my grandpa told me they went up and the view was the gorgeous Mt Fuji! Omg I thought it's just the same view at the restaurant but actually is the other side - The Mt Fuji side! I felt so sad that I was so near yet so far.... Didn't get my photo taken infront of it... What a pity!

Luckily we got to see the Mt Fuji while travelling down the mountain! We didn't get to see it on our way up because it was rainy and too dark.

Such beautiful memories here!

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