Thursday, August 25, 2016

Courtship before our era

I'm feeling all sweet inside now because today's episode of the drama is so touching. Wah if got guy say those words to me, I will melt please!

I really like how the guy is so honest and direct about his feelings towards the girl even though he knows she doesn't feel the same towards him. It's so refreshing! I really dislike guys who are 吞吞吐吐,婆婆妈妈,拖拖拉拉. Come on be a man!

And his 深情的眼神. It's been a long time since someone looked at me that way sia.

While brushing my teeth before going to bed and reminiscing the scenes, I suddenly realise, I never ever had a guy confess to me face to face before leh. Of course they did sweet talk infront of me afterwards, what I meant was, the "first" time they expressed interest.

If I didn't remember wrongly, ever since my first suitor, all said they liked me via TEXT??? At most also through a phone call? Woes of living in this generation :(

The guys have it too easy now!

Can you imagine those who lived before the mobile phone era? Have to be thick skin and chase the girl through actions and real talking. Nowadays just send some sweet messages via text can win the girl's heart already.

I must sound like a 发花痴 type of girl in my last two entries. BUT IT'S TRUE.

Love and relationships take the centerstage of my life. Ever since I knew how to like guys, it was the only thing I think about, besides food. Hahahahaha. Ok obviously I'm exaggerating but really, daydreaming about cute guys brighten up my mundane days. Lol. Liking someone gives me the energy to pull through each day and look forward to tomorrow. Love is so important to me, it keeps me going.

My sister once said, she thinks I'm in love with love.



So after his failed surprise yesterday (read yesterday's post), today I told him it's a good time to "surprise" me. Hahahahahah but he say no. Tsk!

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