Monday, August 15, 2016

Train to Busan

Few days back I came home to a sweet surprise from BF! Some desserts from Grin Affair again :)

In early July, I attempted to increase my savings but failed miserably and even ended up overspending because I restricted myself the first two weeks too much that I went all out on a shopping spree after that. Lol.

It's like dieting, the more you curb your cravings, the more you gorge on food later on.

Oh well.

I had wanted to start dieting 3 months before my pre-wedding photoshoot but now it's down to just a little more than a month to the trip and here I am, still eating as much as I want with no control. Sigh. Why am I such a glutton? :(

So yesterday, I said to myself, "Okay I shall start tomorrow!". Then today for lunch I had Nasi Padang -_- What a start.

These are my aims for the next one month:
▶️ face mask every night
▶️ less carbs
▶️ exercise at least 30 mins twice a week

Has it only been 10 days since Pokemon Go arrived at our shores? It felt like a month. Haha. The first day, me and bf were out on a date and the thing on everyone's screen was Pokemon go. 有那么夸张吗? hahaha but I think the hype went down a little since then lah.... It was crazy for the first few days. Quite amusing to see so many sane people hooked on the same game though.

The other day, I was holding hands with bf when suddenly, he shook off my hand... To tap on a poke stop -_- 岂有此理! Lol it's okay, because I was just about to shake off his hand to tap on my poke stop also..... Just that he is faster hahahaha.

For most people, their data usage went up after pokemon-go arrived at our shores. For me, it went from 600mb per day to 200mb per day because I had no time to check out other apps and sites.

So anyway, we went to Din Tai Fung because I've been craving for Xiao Long Bao. Drunken Chicken is a must order everytime I dine there!

Selfie while on the way to watch "Train To Busan". Heard will cry one but I forgot to not draw my lower liner. I was hoping that I'd be hard hearted enough else I'm gonna walk out of the cinema looking like zombie. Hahahah. But failed lor, it's such a touching movie!

The movie is so nice!!!! It's not just a zombie film, it's also about humanity, bravery, and selfishness. Must watch! I liked it so much that I watched it twice, on two consecutive days. It's such a meaningful movie, I liked the emotional plots and storyline about the different characters. The pace is perfect, and I was kept in suspense throughout. I think it's one of the best movies I've watched since "Our Times".

Wah if got zombie breakout and just so suay that day wear high heels, jialat liao lor cannot run.
I think just find one corner to hide and wait to be rescued. Lol.

After movie we went for darts with Alvin.... Then we had a dimsum feast at Swee Choon.

All these + another six dishes not pictured, just for us three! We seriously have no control when it comes to ordering food.

Heard that there was a water spout at East Coast park that day too. Saw the photos and some people were taking photos with it. Honestly if I'm there, I will probably start running. Scary sia.

Ending this post with this super yummy fried fish beehoon introduced by grandpa! Before we arrived, we thought it was going to be some old traditional eatery in a hidden corner of Orchard but turns out it's a nice restaurant and this is only $14.90++ inclusive of drinks and dessert! Thumbs Up!

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