Sunday, August 28, 2016

Japan - Disneysea

We had time for either Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea. After some research online, we decided on the latter, mainly because we have already visited Disneyland in Hong Kong before and there's no other country in the world with Disneysea except Japan.

Most reviews describe Disneyland as more suitable for kids, while adults usually prefer Disneysea.

Got our entrance tickets! :)

First sight upon entering!

Hey Mickey!

Disneysea looked like it came right out of a storybook!

The entire park is huge! We followed the crowd and found ourselves at Toystory Mania.

Noon came and we wandered off to find lunch. There were long queues everywhere!

We settled at Cape Cod Cook Off, a lovely cafe decorated with lots of Duffy!

Check out the queue... We walked pass this and then realize that other restaurants have even longer queues.... so we came back. Haha.

I really like how cute the cafe is!

Fast-food style! We ordered a chicken burger set each and it was affordably yummy.

We really wanted to take at least one ride but there were just too many people. Every single ride had queues that are at least 2-3 hours long? We didn't want to waste time on queuing and we have no idea how the fast pass system work. Can you believe it? We went to a theme park and we did not go on any rides.... not even one! Such a pity :(

That being said, this is also the first time I went to a theme park where most people were just walking around aimlessly like us? It seemed like many visitors just came in to take a stroll! I heard that many Japanese have annual passes so they just go in for fun.... not necessarily to go on rides... 

Look at how crowded the park is!

Okay I just realized that my photos are not in sequence. This one was taken before lunch.

We went into the souvenir shop and I finally know why everyone loves Duffy! I never knew what's so special about Duffy but when I was surrounded by so many of them in the shop, I was like "aaaahhh Duffy so cute~!!"

This is so adorable! Mickey holding Duffy dressed as a sailor, showing him the seas outside the window!

Saw an ice-cream cart and we bought this Minnie Ice Bar!

Oh ya, we saw numerous groups of Japanese girls in matching attires walking around in Disneysea! Initially we thought wah so many students skip school to go Disneysea in their uniforms, until we realize it's not actually uniform.... but similar sets of clothing that they probably specially bought!

After few hours, we decided to leave and head to other areas in Tokyo for shopping instead as the rest were feeling quite bored already.

Saw some Disney characters just as we were leaving...

Took the Disney Resort Line out~

Cute Disney trains!

Although it wasn't the full Disney experience like the one we had in Hong Kong Disneyland, I'm still glad we took time to visit Disneysea because it's quite different too!

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