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Hong Kong Disneyland

We went to Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

I was waiting for the arrival of this day with so much anticipation because it was my first time!

The official tagline for Disneyland is "The Happiest Place on Earth". I personally feel it's happiest only because most parents of young kids would try their best to give the kid whatever they want in Disneyland and see them happy. So on this special day in Disneyland, they get all the attention and doting from their parents.

It was extremely sunny on the day we went and someone said, "the happiest place on earth wouldn't be this hot". Hahaha.

Tada! We are finally stepping on the magical land of Disney!

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. OKAY!

This passage totally reminded me of Universal Studios! Such an awesome background for OOTDs.

Big bunch of balloons!

Went to visit Sleeping Beauty at her pretty castle!

Spotted Snow White at Sleeping Beauty's castle. I guess she is probably there to visit her too! Anyway, she said "HI PRINCESS" to my sister and didn't say it to me. So sad. :'(

Tried on pink Minnie Mouse ears at the shop and took photos! We probably wouldn't be able to do this elsewhere but since it's Disneyland.... the staff cannot scold us right? It's the happiest place on earth, remember? Hehe. The hats would look so adorable on little kids!

Behind Cinderella's castle was Cinderella's Carousel, which was also our first ride at the theme park. Let's start with something easy before we try the other rides! Actually, I was hoping that Disneyland would be so tame that there would be no scary rides at all! Haha. I used to love the thrill that came with speeding roller coasters in theme parks, but I think my bravery has weakened over the years. Haha. 

We got on all the bigger horses and Dad had to sit the smallest one. Haha.

Selfie on a horsie! I really like how my ceramic braces are hardly visible and allow me to take lots of photos as usual. Do check out TLC Dental Centre (Tel: 63386639) if you are considering braces! Quote my name for free consultation. My journey and more information is consolidated here:

After a round, we went to Philhar Magic for a very enjoyable 3D show and took a ride on Winnie the pooh ride! It was a nice excuse to head indoors for aircon during such sunny weather!

We were hungry and wanted to look for lunch but we entered "it's a small world" first! There was a boat ride inside showcasing characters wearing traditional clothes from all over Asia.

Time for ice cream!

We bought a Ice Cream basket (HKD48) with mixed berries since it only costed HKD8 more than a double scoop cone! This one more worth it! Got waffle biscuit and whipped cream and berries syrup!

So yummy!

Afterwards, we headed to Tomorrowland for lunch at Starliner!

Fried chicken for my parents!

Fish burger for sis.

And I had this! The main reason why I got this (instead of my favourite fried chicken), was because I wanted the mickey mouse rice. Haha. Luckily it was quite nice too. Anyway, before the trip, everyone told us that food in Disneyland have exorbitant prices but we were quite surprised at how reasonable it was! Each dish was around HKD80+ at Starliner, and came with a cup of drink. Of course, it's not exactly cheap but it's quite an okay range for theme park food!

After lunch, while I was trying to take photo with a fake Buzz Lightyear outside the restaurant, when mum asked me, "How come you don't want to take with the real one over there?" then I realize that a queue was forming to take photos with the Buzz Lightyear mascot! We went to queue and took photos with him. After taking the photos, I was thinking, actually people also won't know if the mascot I took photos with was a mascot or a figure because photos don't move anyway. Haha.

One thing I love about Disneyland is that when it's times up for the mascot to take a rest, queueing is not wasted because instead of dispersing the crowd, we were asked to wait 3 minutes and then the mascot comes out to take photos again! I'd much rather wait that 3 minutes instead of being asked to leave after queuing for awhile! This system is awesome! Our mascot looked kinda tired while we were queueing, but before it reached our turn, it took a 3 minutes rest and came back jumpy and alert just like how Buzz Lightyear should be! I think the person inside is a different one.

Afterwards, we sat on the Space Moutain ride, which was one of the thrill rides in Disneyland! Because it's an indoor ride, I didn't know what kind of roller coaster it was at all. I was kinda afraid at the entrance so I asked the staff if it was indeed very scary, and she said yes. The staff bluff me lo, it wasn't that scary la! It was quite fun!

We also played the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and it's a fun game where you sit on the ride, hold a gun, and shoot some sensor thingy! I like it alot because I was totally winning. Hahahah.

Then, another kiddy ride again! There weren't many visitors to the park since we went on a weekday, so the ride queues were mostly quite short and we could take our time to play.

Time for the parade! The sun was so unbearable but me being the responsible blogger I am, I sacrifice for the photos! It has been so long since I perspired so much! The heat was scorching hot and I think all the rays that entered my face probably reversed all the whitening skincare I have been doing for the past few years.

I liked the parade very much! The mascots must be have tremendous amount of energy in them to dance so much non stop! We then went to Stitch Encounter and it was such a hilarious session. Probably my favourite stop that day because it was so funny. If only I could video everything down!

Didn't see any minnie mouse mascot the whole day so I went to pick up a doll from the shop! Check out the different versions of minnie!

Afterwards, I was captured by this pirate who was extremely fierce and didn't allow me to smile for the photo because "where got hostage kena capture already still can smile?!!" Haha. So into his character ya?

Took a giant sampan to the opposite side to visit Tarzan's Treehouse. Honestly I didn't really want to because the weather was killing me and I wasn't interested in climbing the treehouse. But we still went anyway!

The reward for climbing up so many flights of stairs..... view from the top.

Next up, Grizzly Gulch.

Sat on the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, which was very fun! It's exactly the type of rides I like... Fast, thrilling, yet none of those uncomfortable G-force feelings.

So excited that I finally spot Mickey and Minnie mascots!!! Quickly queued for photos since Mickey and Minnie are the main highlights of Disneyland! Although they are not in their usual costume, this is good enough for me! So happy after we had the photos taken! Mickey and Minnie were so friendly to every single person who took photos with them! I was totally charmed over by the Micky mascot! Haha.

Check out the rainbow we saw while queuing! Not sure if it's fake or real because it only reflects on the fountain water and when the water goes down, it actually dispersed together with the water. So it's definitely not light. Not sure how to exactly explain it, but it was so magical to watch.

Top is from! I totally love the white top that is versatile with every thing. The lace sleeves also makes the top look more dressy! Skorts are from New Look at $49.90... definitely one of my most expensive bottoms since most of mine are around the $10-$18 range! I am trying my best to milk its worth by wearing it more than the other shorts I have! Haha. Heels are $34 from Bugis Street.... To be honest, I usually won't pay this amount for a pair of heels but it was comfortable so I thought it would be great for this trip since we would be walking a lot. BUT, it was spoilt within 6 days! Even my other $10 heels lasted me months! Oh! And the necklace is only $1. Awesome buy from Bugis Street.

Toyland! I really love the colourful design of this entire section!

We sat on the parachute drop! We were pulled all the way to the top, then released down. It was terrifying yet so fun at the same time!

Then, my sis went on the RC Racer.

I didn't dare to go on it at first because it looked so scary! Pirate Ships are one of my favourite rides at theme parks but this goes so much higher and steep! When sis came down from the ride, she told me that it's not that scary so I decided to try it! While on the ride, I feel like screaming at her because IT IS SCARY OK! And I wasn't even sitting at the highest point! However, after the ride, I felt a sense of achievement that I managed to conquer this ride! I think that the most scary ride in Disneyland would probably be this! However, it's considered okay compared to the scariest rides in other theme parks.

It was almost time for Fireworks so we went to the Sleeping Beauty castle again!

The fireworks were so magical and beautiful and was a nice ending to our stay at Disneyland.

We went back to Happy Valley for dinner after an awesome day at Disneyland! Went into this eatery and ordered a dinner set. Not sure if we were lucky or what, but it seems like every single random eatery we walked into in Hong Kong serves super good food!

The fried rice looked quite boring but it was one of the better fried rice I have ever eaten. Definitely better than the zichar ones served in Singapore!!!

Enjoyed the meal so much! I love eating Chinese fare like this :)

Before dinner, we also bought some supper from this cafe to bring back to our hotel!

Got some Hong Kong pastries - Bo luo bao, egg tarts, coconut tarts, cream bun, to try.

Such a tiring but fun-filled day!

Anyway, did you noticed that I used the word "fun" so many times in this single entry?? I need to start looking up dictionaries and learn more adjectives!

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