Friday, November 28, 2014

The Alley

Earlier this month, Nuffnang gave me tickets to watch Big Hero 6 with bf and his friend! I totally fell in love with the Baymax character!!! He's so cute and cuddly! The movie is lighthearted and funny, definitely a movie worth watching!

After the movie, bf brought us to The Alley for lunch. He went there previously for dinner with his friends and everyone unanimously agreed that the food was awesome. Not too sure if we ordered the wrong items this time or what, but it was really quite bad that day. Perhaps the standard of the food differ on different days.

I did like the decor though. It was kinda dark inside but I managed to get some sunlight as we were seated near the door.

Bf had the beef burger, which he thinks is not bad.

The Sawadee-chicks were probably the only dish I liked on the table. An asian's twist to buffalo wings, they were crispy, juicy, sweet, with a tinge of sour. I think it's Thai sauce.

The calamari rings were quite disappointing.

My beer battered fish, was quite fishy and not tender at all. Worse of all, it was very bland but luckily the tar tar sauce saved the day.

His friend had the carbonara pasta which was quite ok.

Wore this green dress from STYLEBLISS! I personally liked the good customer service very much and that's the main thing that keeps me going back. There is some sales going on, so do grab the best deals before others do! You may like the FB page too:

New heels :)

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