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Awhile back, bf and me went to apply for a flat under HDB's BTO scheme. Just want to record down the journey of us getting our first apartment together!

I remember the first time he asked me if want to buy flat together, was a few hours after I accidentally burnt his arm with a clothes steamer hahaha. His timing abit funny hor? It's like he only decided to get a house with me after I injure him. Lol. Anyway, few months passed before we went to check out how to apply and all that.

We went to preview what is available on the HDB site and applied for a 5 room flat on the very first day it was launched. Among the location choices available, we decided on Punggol after much consideration. I am glad we chose Punggol because I realize most of the people around me are also going to be staying there! I lived in Pasir Ris all my life so I am actually more used to newer estates.... I realize I don't really fancy mature estates.... Too messy and crowded to my liking. Personal preference!

Sad thing is, both projects launching in Punggol are equally lousy in terms of exact site location. For example, very ulu and far from Punggol central. Also, LRT is a walking distance away. The projects which my friends who applied 3 years before, were all right infront of a LRT station! Too bad 3 years back I haven't met my current bf!

Queue Number

After much anticipation, we finally got our queue number the next month! Luckily, we got a mid number! I heard of many people who tried many times and didn't even get a queue number within the number of available units!

Visit to HDB Hub

We went down to HDB Hub few weeks before our appointment to look at the 3D models!

I realize that my taste is quite mainstream. All stacks that I wanted initially, got snapped up first. Thereafter, whichever unit I was considering, got taken next. -_- In the end, I decided to just wait till 1-2 days before my selection date before weighing out the pros and cons of each leftover unit.

I just remembered that Punggol was the place we went the first day we met.... Now, our first apartment together is going to be in Punggol too :)

Flat Selection

Finally! The day came for our flat selection. Our allocated time was 8.45am and I was so afraid that I would oversleep! At 7am, dad woke me up, followed by mum's call immediately after, and then bf's call. Haha.

The night before, we already discussed and sort of settled which unit to take already. We shortlisted two units just in case since we were the 2nd to select that day. Anyway, we managed to secure the unit we want :) We didn't get to take the best of the estate, but we were quite satisfied with what we chosen! Last minute we decided to opt in the doors and sanitary fittings. Will be doing our own flooring, though it would probably be much more expensive. Gotta start saving up!

Also, over these few months, I got to know a group of my future-neighbors, and they were so kind to help me track and update in the days leading up to my selection! I felt very thankful because they didn't really have to do so since they have all already selected their flats and could rest already. Some of them even called me to give their support and advice. So helpful! I had so much fun chatting with them, and learnt so much from them. So many things I would not have noticed if not for their sharp analysis! Also, we all prefer speaking Chinese more than English and most of us have birthdays in Oct, Nov, Dec. So coincidental!

Can't wait for our home to be ready!

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