Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seafood International

This is a very backlogged entry.... from way back in August!

For my mum's birthday, we brought her to Seafood International located at East Coast Park! Just a photo entry for my own memory :)

Mum and her two daughters~

Solo photo of the birthday girl!

Group photo!

After that, we tucked into the food! I love seafood like fish, lobsters, prawns, etc, so Seafood International is the ideal place to go!

We ordered so much more not in this photo. It was a very satisfying and yummy lunch! Also, the service was very commendable!

We wandered to the beach nearby after lunch. Photo of mum and dad!

The wind was so strong it was kinda difficult to take a proper shot without our hair covering our face! Haha.

I love going to the beach, doing nothing but just sitting there quietly looking at the sea :)

Wore floral top from! I go shopping at Earthdoll's retail store at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21 every month, so most of my wardrobe is from there!

For dinner we wanted to have Pince and Pints but we went on its off day so we settled for Korean BBQ nearby! My family is such a food lover. Our happy times together are mostly surrounded with food!

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